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Perkie's Observations: Anna and Robert Get Trapped on General Hospital


Robert and Anna find the lab empty, but quickly come up against Jerry, who tells them that he needs Robin more than they do and locks them in.

Dr. Obrecht wake up confused. Robin explains that Nikolas found her and released her.  Robin asked who knocked out Dr. O and is thrilled to find out her parents are on the island.  Robin decides to go and look for them. She orders Dr. O to come with her, but Jerry stops her.

Nikolas orders Faison away from Britt and the baby.  Faison doesn't understand why Britt is so thrilled with the baby if she's not the biological mother.  Britt claims she was lying to him to get him away from the baby.

Spinelli runs into Lulu who tells him that she and Dante are suing for custody of the baby and suggests he get a lawyer.  Spin tells her that Diane is on the case and getting a court order.  Lulu can't believe Spin would do this and reminds them of their past and how they had each other's backs.  Spin feels there are no other options.

Maxie's happy that Mac is back home, but wonders why he didn't stay to help Robert's recovery.  Mac felt it was important to be here for her.  Maxie's upset that she has to hurt Lante.  Maxie wonders if she'd told the truth, if Lulu could have forgiven her and they'd still be friends.  She blames herself again for Robin's death, despite Mac's claims to the contrary.  

Patrick declares his love for Sabrina and she accepts his proposal.  Emma wonders what all the fuss is about and Patrick tells her.  Emma wonders if Mommy will be sad.  Patrick promises that Robin will be happy and want them to move on.

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Lulu wonders why Spin is siding with Maxie.  She says they aren't prepared to take care of a baby and wonders why Connie can't stay with them.  Spin says he planned on leaving the baby with them, but now he aches for his daughter and wants to be a father.  Lulu says people give up babies for adoption all the time but Spin says he won't give up his child.

Spin tells Lulu that she still has two viable embryos she can use, but Lulu doesn't want to replace Connie with another baby.  She says she's had 9 months to love her and bond and she wants to keep her.  Spin says the baby is his no matter how much Lulu has bonded with her.  Lulu says he can't have her, so Spin tells her they'll go to court.

Britt is shocked to find Robin alive and asks if her mother knew.  Nik holds Faison at gunpoint while Jerry holds Robin.  Robin is sure he won't shoot her because he needs her.  Jerry agrees, but says he'll shoot her parents instead.  Robin promises to cooperate and Nik gives up his gun.

Anna and Robert try to find a way out of the lab.  Anna worries what Robin went through at Jerry's hands and Robert promises they'll find her.  He finds Robin's tape recorder and realize Robin was there that day.

Jerry explains that the cure is incubating in Luke and he needs Luke's blood.  Robin points out that Luke is in Port Charles.  Dr. Obrecht's suggestion is to grab Luke and bring him to Greece.  Jerry tells Faison and Dr. O that they're going to get Luke.  Robin doesn't think he can trust either of them.

Faison says they can't go to Port Charles.  Jerry counters that he's too ill to travel so they have to go in his place and if they don't, he'll tell the authorities where to find them.  Jerry tells Nik that the guards are more loyal to him now.  He wants Robin to go to PC as well, to synthesize the drug.

Robin is shocked that Jerry would let her go home, but he tells her that she can't let anyone know that she's alive.  Robin can't believe that he won't let her see her family.  Jerry tells her to get the cure and return with it, or he'll kill Anna and Robert.  He warns Britt and Nik to say nothing as well.  Robin agrees to his terms.