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Pretty Little Liars Recap: “Grave New World”

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Emily (Shay Mitchell), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Aria (Lucy Hale), and Hanna (Ashley Benson) somehow manage to find gorgeous perfectly-fitting Edwardian costumes, and crash the Ravenswood masquerade.   

As if searching for their (not?) dead BFF wasn’t creepy enough, the ball is taking place in the local cemetery.  At night! 

The girls saw a Red Coat, who they thought was Alison (Sasha Pieterse) run into a mausoleum.  They give chase, but the girl disappeared into a secret passage. 

They reluctantly followed down into the sewer-like tunnels.  Hanna got separated from the rest of the group.  She freaked out and, in her haste to escape, found herself walking into a deserted mansion. 

Hanna found an old telephone booth inside and tried to make a call, but the phone wasn’t working.  Next, she was trapped in the booth and surrounded by a kind of bright light.  Also, maybe ghosts.  Then, they disappeared and the phone rang.  There’s no one on the other line. It’s just a song from around World War I playing.  Eerie. 

A little while later, it looked like Hanna could see Alison through the glass of the booth, before a man in a WWI uniform dragged her away.  Did this really happen or was Hanna completely losing it? 

The other girls found the mansion looking for Hanna, but then thought they heard Alison.  Spencer gave chase. Then Aria and Emily couldn’t find her either.  It really seemed like there was something in the house out to get the Liars.  Aria and Emily narrowly missed being skewered by broken glass when they tried getting out through a window.  What sounded like Alison’s scream, made them try and find her instead. 

Spencer found herself alone with a man in a WWI costume, and they got into a physical confrontation.  Emily and Aria found an unconscious Spencer.  She came to and said she’d seen A.  They heard Alison screaming for help, and found it was only a recording on loop. 

Mrs. Grunwald, who’d previously failed to get the girls to leave town, angrily confronted them about being in her house.  She’s the caretaker of the funeral home. The tape was from a session she’d had with Alison.  Someone had stolen it months ago.  Mrs. Grunwald said she’d had a premonition and knew that one of the girls had been “touched by the person Alison fears most.” 

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On the bus ride into Ravenswood, Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) met Miranda (Nicole Anderson).  They immediately shared an intense connection.  They bonded over growing up as foster kids. Miranda had come to town to search for a long-lost uncle.

When they got to town and split up, it was Miranda who rescued Hanna from the phone booth.  The mansion also doubled as a mortuary. Miranda was there looking for her uncle who’s a mortician. 

Miranda and Hanna met back up with Caleb.  Haleb shared a heartfelt reunion.  Hanna then told Caleb to stay in town and help Miranda find her uncle, since the place is super creepy and she’s all alone.  I mean, if I was Caleb, I’d want to just go home (but then there’d be no spinoff!). 

Later, another trip through the cemetery saw both Caleb and Miranda finding headstones with their names and faces on them.  Knowing Caleb, he won’t be able to rest until they find out about their turn-of-the-century counterparts. 

Ezra came to the girls’ rescue when they got a flat tire.  He acted like he just arrived because he was worried about Aria. However, he’d been watching them the whole night.  At one point he even donned a WWI soldier costume, but it’s unknown if he’s the same guy who fought Spencer.

When they all got back to Rosewood, the girls thought they saw Alison again.  They chased her down. Alison finally revealed it was really her.  The girls were still stunned.  Alison said she wanted to come home, but it still wasn’t safe.  She made them promise not to tell. 

What I don’t get is, why does Alison keep egging them on to find her, if she doesn’t want to be found?  If Alison has been alive this whole time, how does A factor in?   It’s still not clear if Ezra is A, or just a concerned boyfriend with a lying problem.  I hope he’s not evil, but if he is, I hope there’s a really good explanation. 

Sound off in the comments about what you thought about this year’s Pretty Little Liars Halloween special, and your feelings on the major Alison reveal!

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