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SPOILERS: Secrets and Romance on The Horizon For The Young and the Restless’ Nov. Sweeps!

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Genoa City will be a hot bed of passion and mystery this  November on The Young and the Restless.

Nikki/Dylan/Avery/Nick: The socialite has a dilemma. She desperately wants to tell Dylan she's his mother, but worries about the hostility between the war veteran and her other son, Nick. Avery is worried about how far this latest bombshell will push Dylan. Look for GC to throw a Veteran’s Day event which gives Nikki a chance to get closer to both Dylan and Stitch.

Nick/Sharon: The high school sweethearts start spending more time together and get caught up in the past. Sharon is determined to get better and starts to take her medication once more.  As Sharon starts healing, the guilt of tampering with Summer’s paternity test begins to weigh on her. Will confess?

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