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Perkie's Observations: Sam and Alexis Get The Test Results Back on General Hospital

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Alexis tells Sam that the test results show that she is Julian Jerome’s daughter.  Sam’s sad that she doesn’t have closure, because Julian is dead.  Sam mentions the possibility that Ava had a brother and suggests it might have been Julian.

Carly and Derek share breakfast.  Derek asks about Franco, but Carly claims she doesn’t care about Franco.  Derek’s glad since he’s enjoying getting to know her better.  Derek kisses Carly before she leaves.

Scotty and Lucy are campaigning for votes for the district attorney’s election.  Scotty’s upset that Laura isn’t at his side and asks about Kevin.  Lucy denies there is anything wrong between her and Kevin.

Michael and Kiki discuss AJ’s trial and his chances, especially with Scotty trying to win the race for district attorney.

Sonny and Shawn are upset to find the coffee warehouse ransacked and destroyed.  DA Lazaro stops by, claiming to want to help Sonny find out who’s responsible.  He wants to show he’s tough on crime before the election and asks for a name.

Sonny tells him Julian Jerome, but Lazaro points out that Julian has been dead for 20 years.  Sonny says Julian may have been in hiding and be back with a new identity. Sonny wants Lazaro to find the original file and get it to him, something the DA is not happy to do.

Morgan overhears Ava on the phone and wonders who’s she was talking to.  Ava chastises him again about eavesdropping.  Diane stops by with Morgan’s annulment papers and Ava’s gallery papers.  Morgan admits that he knows Derek is Ava’s secret partner.

After Diane leaves, Morgan wonders if Ava is sleeping with Derek. However, Ava reassures him that he has nothing to be jealous of and reminds him that they aren’t serious.  Morgan says he’s always cared about her and that his feelings for her are real.  Ava doesn’t want to discuss this and heads out to meet Derek.

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Heather pays Franco another visit with the delivery of her paintings.  Carly stops by and Franco begs Heather to hide.  Carly tells Franco that his bill is due, and he promises that he’ll have money as soon as he does his art show.  Carly says she’ll be at the show, with Derek.

Heather’s upset that Franco plans on using her paintings in his show, but Franco denies it.

Carlos wonders why Derek is bothering to hit Sonny’s coffee business.  Derek tells him that Sonny funnels everything through the legitimate business and if you take that out, millions of dollars cannot be used.

Alexis and Sam run into Lucy and ask her about her past with the Jeromes.  Lucy says she was never with Victor, even though he wanted her.  Alexis asks about another mistress and Lucy remembers Dimitra, who had a male child.  Alexis asks about a daughter and Lucy remembers another mistress and that they met at a bar.

Diane tells Michael that he will try to stall AJ’s trial, until the election is over in hopes that Scotty will win.  She thinks she can exploit her past relationship with Scotty to her advantage.

Kiki gets the annulment papers and tells Michael that Morgan is suing based on fraud,  alleging she married him under false pretenses.  Kiki signs the papers in hopes of moving on.

Carly checks with Sonny as to Morgan’s location.  Sonny tells her that Morgan is with Ava, but refuses to come home.  Carly lets herself into Ava’s apartment.

Franco tells Diane that he’s ready for his new show.  Diane tells him that she doesn’t believe the paintings are his.

Heather and Scotty run into each other.

Julian tells Ava that he hit Sonny’s warehouse and that he’s making progress with Carly.  Morgan arrives and overhears Ava tell Julian that Morgan thought she was sleeping with him and how gross it is since Julian is her brother.