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Perkie's Observations: Morgan Learns Ava and Julian's Secret on General Hospital

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Morgan realizes that Derek and Julian are one and the same.  Julian worries that Morgan may have overheard them talking about going after Sonny.  Ava promises that Morgan knows nothing, but Morgan announces his presence.  Morgan admits he overheard them and knows Derek is Julian. He also reveals he knows Julian is after Sonny.

Julian wonders why Morgan would care since he hates Sonny for driving Kiki into Michael’s arms.  Julian rubs it in that Sonny chose Michael over Morgan.

Diane doesn’t believe that Franco painted the current paintings. He finally admits that it wasn’t him, but that the woman who did is his muse and must remain anonymous.  Diane wonders if the muse is aware that Franco is claiming her work as her own. Franco claims all is fine.

Diane mentions that Ava’s gallery is going to be hosting his new show. Franco angrily swears Ava won’t make a dime on his artwork.  Diane reminds him that he’s broke, will be thrown out of the hotel soon and that he needs the money.  Franco finally agrees, but when he tries to sign the contract he sees Derek’s name.  Diane explains that Derek is Ava’s silent partner. Franco wants nothing to do with Derek either.  Diane warns Franco to find another gallery that will be interested in his work.

Scott is surprised to see Heather, since she’s supposed to be locked up.  Heather reminds him of their past together and then pulls a knife to stab him.  Scotty holds her off, saying they had a lot of good time together than kisses her.

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Lucy’s told that Kevin can’t make lunch. She angrily storms off and later runs into Scott and Heather.  Lucy wants Scotty to turn Heather in to the police, but Heather threatens to blame her escape on both Scotty and Lucy.  Scotty promises to look the other way while Heather leaves.

Michael is shocked to find the warehouse torn up.  He wonders if this is about Julian Jerome.  Sonny says he’s waiting for information on whether Julian is alive.  Michael worries that Morgan will get caught in the middle and feels they need to get him out.

Sonny says they need proof or Morgan won’t believe them.  Michael agrees and tells his father that he was turned down for a job because of Sonny.  Michael wants a job at the warehouse, but Sonny disagrees.  Sonny mentions the restaurant and how Connie wanted to make changes and now maybe it can be Michael’s.

Sam explains to Silas about her connection to Julian and possible connection to Ava.  She asks if he’s heard of a bar called Ryan’s. Silas tells her that he and Ava used to go to it.   Sam thinks it’s worth checking out.  Silas offers to go with her.

Morgan says it doesn’t matter what happened; Sonny is still his father.  Julian warns him to forget everything he’s heard. Morgan challenges the threat.  Julian backs off and tells him to let it go, but Morgan says he plans on telling his father everything.

Julian’s angry with Ava for being reckless, but she feels she was keeping Morgan close and away from Sonny.  She’s certain Morgan won’t say anything, but Julian’s ready to have Morgan taken out before he tells Sonny anything.

Michael accepts the restaurant position. Morgan arrives in time to see Sonny hug Michael and say that he’s glad they’re so close.