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Ravenswood Premieres, Will You Tune in Again?

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The Pretty Little Liars spinoff Ravenswood premiered last night.  While there’s a murder mystery and a bunch of pretty teens with complicated love lives, it does differ from its predecessor. 

Like other young adult dramas such as The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf, Ravenswood brings a supernatural element.  In this case: ghosts. 

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The first episode saw Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) staying in the eerie town so he could help Miranda (Nicole Anderson) reconnect with her uncle.  They also wanted to find out why their names and pictures were on two gravestones in the cemetery. 

Miranda’s uncle, Raymond, was less than thrilled to see his long-lost niece.  He and Mrs. Grunwald reluctantly welcomed them into their (funeral) home.  Raymond denied knowing anything about those graves, and later Caleb and Miranda couldn’t find them again. 

Caleb turned to the local newspaper to find out about any long-dead relatives with the same name.  He met Remy (Britne Oldford), a girl his age.  She went against her father’s wishes and helped Caleb find an old obituary about early 1900s Caleb Rivers. 

He’d died in a boating accident with four other classmates, when they were all Caleb’s age.  She read the obits for the other victims. Their personal histories seemed to sound really familiar with present-day Ravenswood townsfolk.    


Twins Olivia (Merritt Patterson) and Luke’s (Brett Dier) popularity had plummeted since the recent murder of their dad.  That’s because the cops’ number one suspect was their mom.  Remy and Luke were dating, but her dad had since told her she couldn’t see him anymore.

After a vicious prank at the Homecoming parade, Luke escorted his sister home.  Remy was already giving Miranda and Caleb a lift, and picked the others up too.  Previously, Miranda and Caleb had encounters with ghosts.  One may have even tried to drown Caleb in a bathtub (which will probably only further increase his affinity for showers). 

As the five teens drove over a bridge, Miranda saw a (ghost) woman standing in the middle of the road.  She yanked the wheel, and sent them all flying into a lake.  The ghost looked on as the teens cried for help, as the car began to fill with water.  The windows and doors wouldn’t open.  It looked like the ghosts of Ravenswood want these kids dead. 

Although this takes place in the same universe of Pretty Little Liars, it appears that the ghost elements are real.  It also felt like all the adults of Ravenswood knew more about what was going on.  Are Caleb & Co. just dealing with your run-of-the-mill vengeful spirits or do the ghosts want these kids dead in particular? 

I was pretty indifferent about this pilot for most of the hour, but that last sequence was well done.  Seeing the fearful kids screaming for help before drowning was horrifying.  Since these are the main characters we’re talking about, it’s safe to assume they’ll make it through.  Drowning kids set to The Civil Wars’ “The One That Got Away” is really creepy!

Will you be tuning in again?

Photo Credit: ABC Family