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SPOILERS: Someone Overdoses on Days of Our Lives!

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Jennifer/JJ/Theresa: Jennifer gives JJ an ultimatum, and then tells Hope she wants him arrested for drug possession.

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Later, JJ and Theresa get high and end up making love. However, Theresa overdoses, and things don’t look good.

Daniel: After Daniel visits Theresa, he runs into Stefano. Stefano gives Daniel a chance to make all his problems disappear.

Jordan/Kate: Kate decides to play dirty where her new rival is concerned.

Will/Gabi/Sami: Will gets the opportunity of a lifetime to further his writing dreams, but it’s in California. Gabi and Sonny think Will should chase his dreams. By the end of the week, Will tells Sami his good news.

Eric/Nicole/Brady: Nicole's friendship with the Brady-Black brothers may never be the same, after Eric accuses her of raping him. Will she discover who really attacked the priest?

Chad/Abigail:  Abigail is confused by Chad’s admission. Kayla also has news about Chad.

EJ/Sami: Things for Sami and EJ only get worse this week. However, EJ is determined not to give up on Sami.

Lucas: He vows to protect his children from the DiMeras.