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Are Sandra Oh and Cristina Yang Getting The Final Season They Deserve on Grey's Anatomy? (POLL)

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Sandra Oh has been one of my favorite actresses since HBO's Arli$$ and she was the only reason I tuned in to the premiere of Grey's Anatomy in 2005.  Over the years her character Cristina Yang has been at least as pivotal as Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), the show's namesake. Cristina has been the baddest of the badass doctors, whose journey as a character has traveled over the highest peak and through the deepest canyons.

When it was announced this would be Oh's last season on Grey's Anatomy I knew this was going to be a difficult year for me as a fan. However, I expected it to be difficult because I anticipated each episode building to that moment where I am forced to finally say goodbye.  What I did not expect was for Cristina to become a window dressing that provides occasional moments of dramatic beauty, but is otherwise mostly ignored unless providing advice to second years.

Sandra Oh may have been the reason I started watching Grey's Anatomy, but it was her story and the compelling stories of the doctors mentoring her and Meredith–like Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson)–that cemented my love for the show. Now Cristina has the Miranda role, but as yet, in her final season, there has been little compelling about Cristina's story.  Other than Cristina's recent fight Meredith and its fallout, there is little sense her story arc is building towards her departure. Considering Shonda Rhimes' ability to thread storylines on Grey's Anatomy and Scandal I have every confidence Oh and Cristina Yang will get a masterful exit. I just expected Cristina's final journey to be more of an adventure.

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I'm not the only one who seems disappointed with how Cristina Yang's final season is playing out. Zap2it'sSydney Bucksbaum asks,

Is this really how they're going to write out Cristina Yang? By cutting her off from everyone she knows and loves? By diminishing her brilliant work to inconveniences? Cristina -- and Oh -- deserve so much better than that after 10 amazing seasons. They both deserve to go out on top with a bang, not disappear and fade out with not so much as a whimper.

Are Sandra Oh and Cristina Yang Getting the Final Season They Deserve?