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Perkie's Observations: Robin Finds Out Jason is Dead on General Hospital

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Nikolas and the gang arrive back at Wyndemere.  Faison and Dr. Obrecht spend their time arguing.  Robin wants to head into town, but Nik reminds her that she needs to stay hidden for the sake of her parents.  Britt wants to take Ben to the hospital to be checked out.  Robin thinks she should go as well, to get the supplies she’ll need to extract Luke’s blood.  Dr. Obrecht announces that Britt will get the supplies or Jerry will get a call to hurt one of the Scorpios.

Robert and Anna continue to be locked in the Cassadine lab.  Robert can’t believe they allowed Jerry to get the best of them.  Anna is certain that the WSB is hot on Faison’s trail.  Talk turns to Duke. Anna mentions how he’s now working for Derek Wells. Robert reacts to that name and Anna demands to know what he’s keeping from her.  Robert tells her that Derek is in fact, Julian Jerome.

Julian orders Carlos to find and kill Morgan. Ava begs him not to do it, saying they aren’t ready for the fight against Sonny to escalate.  Julian says Carlos takes orders from him, not Ava, and that he runs the business.  Ava reminds Julian that he lost it all and was forced in hiding, allowing Sonny to take over their territory.  She says she’s been the one people question and takes all the risks, while he’s above suspicion.  Julian says he’s shielded her from the bad side of the business and warns her never to question him in front of a subordinate.

Morgan says he has something to tell Sonny, but is sidetracked when he hears that Sonny gave Michael a job.  Morgan says Sonny chose Michael again, but Sonny says Michael is working at the restaurant and not in the business.  Michael offers to work with Morgan at the restaurant, but Morgan declares he won’t be working with Michael and that he has nothing to say to Sonny.

Sabrina and Patrick tell Felix the news of their engagement.  He’s happy for them until Sabrina tells him about the phone call.  Felix thinks Britt is behind the call, but Sabrina says Britt is off finding her son.

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Duke is surprised to see Mac back in town and is worried about Anna.  Mac finds out from the WSB that Faison has escaped. They realize that Anna and Robert must have gone after him.

Britt and Nik run into Patrick at the hospital.  Nik explains how they found Dr. Obrecht in Greece, but that she’s gotten away.   Britt spots Sabrina’s ring and Felix announces the engagement.  Britt blurts out that Patrick can’t marry Sabrina, but then stops herself before saying anything about Robin.

Robin expresses her anger with Faison and declares that Jason will rescue her and kill Faison.  He tells her that he killed Jason a year ago, but Robin refuses to believe it until she finds out the information online.  Faison declares that Jason won’t be coming to her rescue.

When Nik and Britt return, Robin’s upset that he didn’t tell her about Jason.  Britt tells Robin that Patrick has proposed to Sabrina.

Robert explains to Anna that Julian didn’t die in the gunfight, but that the WSB showed up and took him into custody. Robert reveals he was ordered to lie about it.  Robert says Julian cut a deal in exchange for information and received a new identity; Derek Wells.  Anna’s upset that she didn’t know and now Duke is working for Derek.

Lazaro brings Sonny the file on Julian. Lazaro explains how Julian went into the witness protection and became Derek Wells.

Carlos finds Morgan and brings him back to the Crimson offices.  Julian demands to know what Morgan told his father.  Morgan swears he said nothing but Julian orders Carlos to finish the job.  Morgan begs for his life, telling Julian that he can help him, that Sonny doesn’t deserve his loyalty and he’ll come to work for Julian and give him Sonny in return.