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Perkie's Observations: Will Delia Ryan Give Sam and Silas Hope on General Hospital?


Patrick tells Maxie about his engagement and hopes she’s happy for him. He also fills her in on the phone call from Robin. Maxie admits she’s seen Georgie and is surprised she was never visited by Robin. 


Maxie’s upset about losing Lulu’s friendship, but Patrick reassures her Robin would understand she has good intentions. Patrick remembers five years ago was his first wedding to Robin, when she went into labor with Emma. 

Nikolas stops Robin from leaving the house, reminding her that her parents’ lives are at stake.  Robin wants to stop Patrick from marrying Sabrina. Nikolas assures her Sabrina is a nice person who cares for Patrick and Emma. 

Robin tells Nikolas about the DVD she made, encouraging Patrick to move on, but that she isn’t dead. Today is the five-year anniversary of her first attempted marriage. Robin’s upset Patrick has moved on and is making wedding plans with someone else. 

Morgan wonders how the Jeromes want him to help take down Sonny. Ava is concerned about his involvement, since Julian is a dangerous man who gets what he wants. Ava questions whether this is really what Morgan wants?  Morgan swears he’s on her side and is looking forward to the look on Sonny’s face when he sees Morgan chose the Jeromes. 

Olivia finds Sonny in the warehouse and demands to know who messed it up.  Sonny wants her to stay out of it, but Olivia doesn’t want him to shut her out. Sonny insists he wants her out of the business, because he doesn’t want to lose her. Olivia says she won’t sit quietly on the sidelines and wants his trust. She grabs the file and reads that Julian is alive and living as Derek Wells.

Sabrina goes to Carlos and tells him about her engagement.  She claims Patrick loves her and she wants nothing to do with Carlos. he wonders why she came to see him. Carlos warns Patrick is taking her for granted and he’ll delay the wedding. 

Alexis and Danny pay Derek a visit. She tells him Sam is in New York and it has to do with Ava’s brother. She further explains they know Sam is Julian’s daugher.  Derek wonders if she has proof. Alexis says they did a DNA test on another family member. Derek wonders who, but Carlos interrupts before Alexis can tell him about Lucas. 

Sam and Silas check out Ryan’s Bar and run into Delia Ryan. They make small talk until finally asking if Delia has heard of Victor Jerome, or know who his mistress was. Delia reacts, but claims she knows nothing. Sam declares she wants the truth. 

Sabrina comes across Patrick and Maxie, who offers her congratulations. Sabrina tells Patrick she can’t wait any longer to be a part of his family and wants to get married as soon as possible. 

Robin says she spent two years trying to get home. Now she’s so close and can’t get to her family.  Nikolas assures her she’ll find a cure for Jerry and get back to Patrick and Emma. 

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