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Perkie's Observations: Lulu Wages War on Maxie on General Hospital

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Maxie and Spinelli are organizing their lives, preparing to take the baby home. They’re certain they will get their court order today. Maxie worries they don’t know how to be parents, but Spin reassures her the baby will feel their love.


Lulu worries they’ll lose and be forced to hand the baby over to Maxie. She feels they need to take the baby and run. Luke or Nikolas can help them.  Dante assures her Alexis is fighting for them. Lulu thinks Dante should go to Sonny for help in getting them to disappear. 

Delia denies any knowledge of the Jeromes, but Sam quickly guesses that she’s Victor’s mistress and therefore Ava’s mother. Sam promises she only wants answers in relation to her connection to Ava. Silas mentions  Ava has a daughter. Delia is quick to show her interest in a possible granddaughter and admits she is Ava’s mother.

Delia explains she gave Ava up for a better life, but she returned as an adult and was thrilled to find out who her father was. Sam and Silas discuss Kiki. Silas shows Delia a picture.  Delia is grateful to them, but warns them to watch out for the Jeromes.   

Julian wants to talk to Morgan about his father. He needs a guarantee Morgan won’t say anything. Morgan complains about Sonny chosing Michael again. He wants to take his father down. Julian warns him not to pull a double cross. Ava figures if Morgan had said anything, Sonny would have already come after Julian. 

Julian tells Ava about Alexis and Sam discovering Julian Jerome is Sam’s father via a DNA test. Ava is worried about who they tested. Julian doesn’t know. Morgan promises Julian can trust him. Julian says he needs to prove it. 

Sonny tells Olivia he needs to eliminate his Julian problem. She questions what exactly that means. Olivia warns Julian’s soldiers will retaliate. She doesn’t want to lose him like she’s lost Connie. 

Sonny wonders how he can stop Julian without violence. Olivia tells him to have a sit down with Julian, something Sonny scoffs at.  Olivia then tells him to go to Dante, but Sonny’s wary of police involvement. Sonny doesn’t want Dante in the middle of his bad business. 

Michael tells Kiki he's now running Sonny’s restaurant and Morgan is upset about it.  The two toast to his new position. 

Alexis tells Lante the judge turned down the court order. They will now file for full custody, but  Lulu needs to cast doubt on Maxie’s reputation. Alexis wonders if Lulu is prepared to fight dirty and destroy her friendship with Maxie. Lulu says she is and Alexis tells her to write it all down. 

Spixie are shocked when Diane tells them that not only did they not get the court order, but  Lante are claiming Maxie is an unfit mother. Maxie is certain Lulu wouldn’t do this. Spin tells her Lulu was adamant to him  she wasn’t going to give up the baby without a fight. 

Dante tells Lulu going after Maxie feels wrong. Olivia calls Dante, who heads out with the baby to see his mother.

Lulu’s starting her list when Maxie shows, demanding to know how Lulu could do this to her. 

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