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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Confronts Derek on General Hospital!

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Maxie confronts Lulu about the lawsuit. Lulu feels she had no choice, since Maxie’s trying to take the baby away from her.  Maxie understands Lulu’s feelings, but she wants her daughter back.  Lulu vows to protect Connie from Maxie. In turn, Maxie questions how she can be considered unfit, if she’s never been given the chance to be a mother. 

Lulu tells Maxie she prepared for the child for a whole year, and has already spent a lot of time raising her.  Maxie will catch up on Connie, and can take care of a child.  Lulu throws the miscarriage in her face.  Maxie swears it was an accident, and feels Lulu can’t take her baby in exchange.  Lulu believes Maxie will get tired of Connie, because she will be her latest thing until the next new thing comes along.  Maxie’s hurt, and says she loves the baby. She knows she isn’t an unfit mother. 

Spin informs Ellie the court order was denied, and Lante are suing for custody.  He’s worried about what Maxie will do in response to the lawsuit. He wants to leave to find her, but Ellie stops him.  Ellie tells him it’s time for him to separate himself from Maxie, so he can prove to the court he’s the viable parent.  Ellie apologizes again for not telling the truth.  Spin still loves her, and declares it’s exhausting to stay angry.  Ellie begs for his forgiveness.  The two declare their love for each other, and Spin assures her they’re in this together. 

Olivia tells Dante she’s worried about the men going after Sonny, but stops herself from telling him whom it is.  Dante tells her about the fight with Maxie, and Olivia wonders if they can win.  Dante knows they will have to fight dirty, and worries about the effect it will have on Lulu. 

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Ava’s worried about Morgan’s involvement, but Julian feels she’s letting her feelings for Morgan blind her.  Carly arrives, and demands to take Morgan away from Ava. However, she is shocked to see Derek with Ava.  Derek claims he’s there about art, but then gets a call from Sonny and leaves. 

Ava tells Carly that Morgan won’t appreciate her demands he leave immediately.  Carly warns she’ll tell Morgan about Ava and Derek sleeping together.  Ava assures Carly that Morgan knows about her relationship with Derek, and accuses Carly of being jealous.  Carly denies it. 

Morgan runs into Michael at the restaurant, and makes himself comfortable in Sonny’s office.  The two argue, until Michael points out their father doesn’t like people in his office. He threatens to throw Morgan out.  Morgan is returning a clock Sonny gave him for the wedding, and leaves it on the desk. 

Derek meets with Sonny, who wants to discuss the attack on his warehouse. He also inquires about how much Derek is profiting with his newspaper articles.  Sonny knows who was behind the attack, and thinks it would make great story.  He decrees it was Julian Jerome, and Derek claims he heard Julian was dead.  Sonny wonders why Derek wouldn’t want to print what he knows, but Derek needs a second source to corroborate the story to protect the paper.  Sonny promises he’ll mess with whoever is messing with him.

Morgan arrives home and is annoyed to find his mother there.  Carly is quick to tell him Derek and Ava are sleeping together, but Morgan laughs it off. Carly is forced to leave. 

Lulu warns she will do anything to protect her daughter.  Maxie counters she can come up with some secrets of Lulu’s as well.  Lulu declares they’ll take it up in court. 

Julian returns to Ava’s, and asks if Morgan did as he was told.  Morgan brought the bugged clock to Sonny’s office, and now Julian can listen in on Sonny’s conversations.