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Perkie's Observations: Port Charles Prepares For a Spook-tacular Halloween on General Hospital!

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It’s Halloween in Port Charles and Dr. Obrecht wants everyone in on the action, including Robin, who isn’t interested in dressing up. Britt complains to Nikolas about her mother wanting to dress Ben up as Rosemary’s Baby.  Nik promises he’ll keep her parents away from the baby. 


Lesley and Spencer arrive at the castle, only to be shocked by Faison in a Beetlejuice costume. Robin checks on a passed out Lesley, while Dr. Obrecht complains. The three hide when Lesley comes around, but she remembers seeing Faison and demands Nikolas call the police. Nikolas covers by saying she saw Alfred. Spencer questions who those women were who helped his great-grandmother.

Liz and the boys stop by Patrick's. She offers her congratulations on the engagement, but admits she was surprised when she heard the news. Isn't he still having a hard time with Robin’s death? Patrick says he took her advice and wants to take the next step with Sabrina. 

Franco stops by Carly’s to give her an invitation to the art show. She asks for a second invite, so she can bring Derek. She's surprised when Franco tells her Derek is Ava’s silent partner.

Franco gets closer and Carly reminds him he’s with Diane, something Franco denies. Franco says he has no intention of hurting anyone again and she’s wasting time with Derek. 

Franco wants Carly to stop playing games and admit she feels the same way for him that he does for her. The two move in for a kiss, but are interrupted by Josslyn. Carly tells him to leave. He does, but not before warning her he is a patient man. 

Felix and Brad are preparing for the Halloween party, but continue to argue about Brad’s role in Ben’s life. Brad says he and Britt had an agreement and wants credit for doing the right thing regarding baby Connie.

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Felix accuses him of messing up Spixie and Lante’s lives and goes back to Brad being Ben’s father. Brad says he isn’t the baby’s father. 

Liz and the boys end up at Wyndemere and agree to take Lesley and Spencer with them to the party. Britt and Nikolas agree to go as well, and plan to meet up with them. Lesley tells Liz she swears she saw Faison at the castle. Liz says he’s behind bars and Nikolsd would never cover for him if he wasn’t. 

Robin’s upset she can’t contact her family. Nikolas promises she’ll get them back, but no one can know she’s alive right now.  Robin spots the extra costume. 

Britt tells her parents she and Nikolas are going to the party and bringing Ben. Their job is to keep an eye on Robin and not get into trouble.  Dr Obrecht notices Robin and the extra costume are gone.

Duke tells Patrick he’s worried because Anna hasn’t checked in. Patrick says Nikolas may know something, since he and Britt ran into Dr. Obrecht in Greece.  Duke heads out to Windemere to talk to Nikolas.

Emma flirts with Cam then Spencer. Patrick jokes with Liz and Lesley that he isn’t ready for her to grow up and date just yet. Robin in costume arrives at the hospital.