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Kelly Ripa: "If There's Anyone My Husband Loves More Than Me, It's Michael Strahan!"

So how does Mark Consuelos really feel about Kelly Ripa's insane onscreen chemistry with Live With Kelly and Michael co-host Michael Strahan? According to the chat hosts, their significant others (Strahan is engaged to Nicole Murphy) are more than cool with their TV marriage!


Here's an excerpt from Ripa and Strahan's recent chat with TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan:

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What do your significant others — Kelly's husband, Mark Consuelos, and Michael's fiancée, Nicole Murphy — think of this TV marriage?

Ripa: Are you kidding? If there's anyone my husband loves more than me, it's Michael Strahan! No matter what we discuss on the show, Mark will always take Michael's side.

Strahan: And Nicole really adores Kelly. Plus, she's so grateful to her for taking on some of the pressure of having me around.

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