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Perkie's Observations: Robin Hugs Emma on General Hospital

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Dr. Obrecht and Faison discover Robin missing, but before they get a chance to call Britt and warn her. Duke arrives to speak with Nikolas and they hide in the tunnels, knocking over a plant and making noise.  Duke finds the tunnel and is curious, but is surprised when Anna supposedly arrives.

Brad tells Felix that he isn’t Ben’s father so Felix immediately questions Britt. She continues to claim that Brad is the father.  Felix then wonders why Brad doesn’t care that Ben was kidnapped. Brad points out that the baby doesn’t even know him.

Nik wonders why Brad would say that, but Britt shrugs it off.  When Felix mentions that Ben certainly doesn’t look like Brad and doesn’t really look like Britt, Nik remembers what Faison said about Britt not being the baby’s true mother.  Nik says he feels badly for Ben, but Britt says the baby has her and that all he needs.

Derek stops by to flirt with Carly. However, she questions his partnership with Ava and whether he’s sleeping with her.  Derek admits to being Ava’s silent partner, but not her bed partner.  He claims he’s only interested in Carly and kisses her.  Derek agrees to go to the gallery opening as Carly’s date.

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Epiphany runs into a masked Robin , who pretends to be Spanish. Pif decides to introduce her to Sabrina.  Robin watches Emma. When Spencer and Cameron spill juice on Emma, Robin’s there to wipe up the juice and the tears. Emma thanks her and hugs her.

Pif congratulates Patrick on his engagement and tells him that Sabrina is a good person. She’s certain Robin would be proud.

Sabrina finds Emma with a masked Robin.  Emma introduces Sabrina as her new mommy.   A tearful Robin runs off, followed by Patrick.  Sabrina promises Emma that she’ll never replace her real mommy.

Heather pays Franco another visit to warn him again to stay away from Carly.  She admits she followed him to Carly’s and saw everything including the almost kiss.  Heather says Carly is dangerous and reminds him that Carly tried to kill him, something that Franco dismisses.

Franco wonders if Heather wants him for herself, but Heather denies that. She says she admires him, finds him talented and cares for him, but isn’t in love with him.  Franco wonders again why Heather is so opposed to him with Carly and Heather promises he'll understand some day.  

A disguised Dr. Obrecht pretends that she’s Anna. Duke believes it, asking why she hasn’t contacted him and where Robert is.  “Anna” claims to be on Faison and Dr. O’s trail and that she is trying to protect Duke.  Duke explains how he spotted the space in the wall and wonders if Dr. O and Faison are hiding in the tunnels.  “Anna” warns Duke not to go in, but he does and is confronted by a gun wielding Faison.