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SPOILERS: Brady and Kristen's November Sweeps Wedding EXPLODES on Days of Our Lives!

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Brady and Kristen’s Wedding: The nuptials are interrupted by the shocking reveal of Kristen having sex with Father Eric. The fallout will change the lives of many Salem residents forever. How will the townsfolk react when they learn Marlena set up the video?


Speaking of Doc, will she rip Victor to shreds for not informing her of Eric playing a co-starring role in Kristen's sex tape debauchery? Look for Sami to also take EJ to task for cloaking his sister's sins.

Gabi: Out of the blue, she receives an email from a modeling agency. Will Gabi become the next Tyra Banks?

Kate/Rafe/Jordan: Kate gets intel on her new rival, just as the physical therapist gets closer to Rafe.

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November Sweeps

Kristen/Eric/Brady/Nicole: The relationship between these four finally explodes. In the end, Kristen leaves Salem in a shocking manner and Brady goes down a dark path.

Sami/EJ: Sami and EJ run into major problems when she believes EJ is hiding something from her.

A major character meets an unfortunate fate, and three unlikely characters cover it up.

Shane/Kimberly/Theresa: Shane and Kimberly reappear in Salem to help Theresa  through a trying time.