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SPOILERS: Franco's Shocking Art Gallery Opening and November Sweeps on General Hospital!

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Franco/Carly: Carly digs into Franco’s business and learns something shocking. Franco has no choice but to confess his secret to Carly.

Later in the week, Franco’s art gallery opening brings all the drama. Someone has a huge outburst and things get out of control. How crazy do things get at the art gallery opening?

Sonny: It’s not a good week for Sonny Corinthos. He has trouble getting the upper hand on his enemy and suffers a big betrayal from his own son. Will Sonny take down Morgan along with the Jeromes?

Scott/Lucy: Scott and Lucy have a big celebration, but it comes with several consequences. What have Scott and Lucy gotten into now? Could Lucy finally be tired of waiting around for Kevin to make time for her?

Kiki:Kiki attempts to help someone, but may inadvertently cause more damage than good. 

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November Sweeps:

Luke/Jerry Jacks: Luke ends up back in Jerry Jacks’ tangled plan!

Ellie/Spinelli/Maxie/Lulu/Dante: The outcome of the nasty custody battle is one no one expected. Can Lulu and Maxie ever come back from this?

Sabrina/Patrick: Sabrina can’t wait to marry Patrick,  the man of her dreams. Will their be a surprise guest at the nuptials?

Silas/Sam/Alexis: Silas comforts Sam through a difficult time. However, Alexis will struggle with the truth.

Britt/Nikolas/Obrecht/Faison/Liz: Not even Dr. Obrecht and Faison can stop Britt and Nikolas from growing closer. Look for Elizabeth to do her best to get the Britch out of the Prince's orbit.

Liz/AJ: New information about the night of Connie’s death surfaces and it doesn’t look good for AJ. Liz hopes for the best for AJ, but does her heart now belong to Nikolas?

Duke/Anna: Duke desperately searches for Anna. While on the hunt, he may figure out the link between Julian and Derek.