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Perkie's Observations: Sam Confronts Ava on General Hospital

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Sam finds Ava at the gallery preparing for Franco’s art show.  She wants to talk about her father, someone Ava claims not to know.  Sam tells Ava that she spoke with Delia and knows who Ava’s biological parents were.  Ava admits she’s one of those Jeromes by birth, but doesn’t understand why Sam would care.  Sam says Julian was her father, making her Ava’s niece.  Ava tells her to worry more about Silas.

Diane’s helping the movers transfer the paintings from Franco’s hotel room.  She reminds Franco that they need to make sure the real painter doesn’t find out what they’re doing.  Carly arrives and wonders what they’re up to.  Diane pretends she and Franco are together and kisses him.  Carly storms off.

Silas tells Kiki about his trip to New York,  that she has a grandmother and that Sam is her cousin.  Kiki is shocked that she has an entire family she didn’t know and wishes her mother had told her.  Silas thinks Ava’s covering her own mob ties.

Julian and Morgan listen to the bug planted in Sonny’s office while Sonny meets with DA Lazaro.  Lazaro says he needs the Julian Jerome file back before someone finds it missing and tracks it back to him.  Julian hears Sonny admit that he knows Julian is alive and is now Derek Wells.  Morgan wonders why Sonny hasn’t come after Julian yet, if he knows the truth.  Julian figures Sonny won’t act until he has the full picture.

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Heather catches Scotty in a voting booth and wants to tell him something important.  Scotty reminds her that he can’t be seen with her, especially since it’s election day.  Lucy catches them and demands to know what Heather is up to.  Heather wants Scotty to attend Franco’s art show.  Scotty balks, until Heather says she’ll cause trouble, so Scotty agrees.

Sam’s not happy to receive yet another warning about Silas and tells Ava to just spit it out.  Ava tells her to use her skills as a PI to figure it out.  Diane asks if Sam is coming to the art show and tells her the proceeds are going to pediatric leukemia research.  Sam agrees to be there.

Michael questions Sonny about his meeting with DA Lazaro and remind his father that the DA is prosecuting AJ.  Michael feels AJ deserves a fair trial.  Kiki tells Michael that her mother is one of those Jeromes.  Michael tells her about Sonny’s business problems and Kiki wonders if her mother is behind it.

Carly stops by to tell Derek that she’ll go with him to the art show.  After she’s gone, Julian gives Morgan a pin drive and instructions.  Franco sees Morgan leaving Julian’s room.  Carly runs into Franco, who tells her that he knows something.

Silas tells Sam about his conversation with Kiki.  She tells him about her conversation with Ava.  Sam mentions Ava’s comment about Silas’s secret past, but reassures him that he has his right to privacy.  Silas doesn’t understand when Sam tells him she’s going to Franco’s art show, until she says it’s for leukemia research.  Silas wonders whose idea that was.

DA Lazaro sees Heather and Lucy leave Scotty’s booth.  He says he’s going to file a complaint against Scotty.  Lucy worries, until Morgan arrives and hands Scotty the drive, telling him to listen to it.  Heather stops by the gallery and is surprised to see her work.

Ava warns Julian that Sam knows who she is and might end up identifying him.  Julian isn’t worried about Sam, but tells her that Sonny knows the truth.  They hear Sonny tell Max that he’s going to take Derek Wells out.