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Perkie's Observation: Sonny Plans to Kill Julian at Franco's Opening on General Hospital

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Silas wonders why Sam would want to go the art show. Sam admits she wants to get Ava to talk to her.  Silas warns her that Ava fights dirty, but is happy to go with her to the event.

Franco tells Carly that Derek is sleeping with Morgan, but Carly doesn’t believe it.  Franco is certain that both Derek and Ava are working together and messing with Morgan, who is the victim in this.  Carly thinks Franco is making up the story, but he swears he saw Morgan leaving Derek’s room and Derek was half dressed.

Franco also tells Carly that he overheard Derek tell Morgan that no one needs to know about their relationship.   Carly questions why Franco was there in the first place and then tells him again that she doesn’t believe him.   Franco gets upset about the paintings. Carly wonders what’s really going on, but he refuses to tell her about Heather.

Morgan gives Scotty the flash drive and tells him to listen to it if he wants to beat Lazaro in the election.  Scotty wonders if Morgan is trustworthy but wants to know what’s on the drive.

Olivia stops Morgan and warns him about Scotty. She thinks he should speak with Sonny.  Morgan says he doesn’t give a damn about his father, but Olivia tries to tell him that Sonny loves him. She says that the secret being revealed was for the best, since the marriage wouldn’t have lasted with all the lies.  Olivia tells him to make it right, but Morgan remembers his conversation with Julian and declares that it’s already too late.

Michael wants to tell Sonny the new information on Ava, but Kiki begs him not to. She claims her mother isn’t a gangster and Sonny will do something to Ava.  Michael insists he wants to protect his father, but Kiki says they have no proof.

Ava and Julian continue to listen as Sonny explains to Max that they’re going to take out Julian tonight. Ava wants Julian to stay as far away from the gallery as possible but Julian is determined to go.  Ava begs him not to, that she won’t be able to protect him.

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Julian says Sonny won’t do anything inside the gallery, but that this needs to end. Julian grabs his gun and says it’s for protection. He explains he’ll bypass the metal detectors.  Ava wonders if he has a plan.

Franco’s art dealer Sebastian is preparing for the show and runs into Heather, who’s getting angrier that Franco lied to her and used her paintings.  Sebastian thinks Heather is interested in buying the paintings.

Sebastian tells Diane about the woman and how she wanted the paintings.  He feels this new work of Franco’s is less disturbed.

Scotty and Lucy listen to the recording and get excited when they hear that Lazaro is working with Sonny.  Lucy questions why Morgan would give this to Scotty when it incriminates Sonny. Scotty is just happy that he’ll win the election now.   Scotty spots Lazaro and accuses him of being in bed with the mob.

Diane finds Franco in his room, not dressed for the party and not interested in attending.

Michael is about to tell Sonny the news about Ava, but Kiki begs him not to. He simply tells his father to be careful.  Sonny promises he’ll take care of things.  Kiki finally steps in and tells Sonny that Ava is from the original Jerome family and did have a brother Julian.

Silas and Sam arrive at the gallery and run into Julian.  He asks about Alexis and then wonders why Sam is there.  She tells him that part of the proceeds are going to leukemia research, but she’s certain that wasn’t Franco’s doing.

Carly arrives and Derek greets her warmly, which prompts Sam to ask if they’re seeing each other.  Carly accuses Derek of being with Morgan, something Derek is quick to deny.  Carly says Franco saw them together, so Derek admits that Morgan was in him room.

Ava walks up and says Derek needs to tell everyone the truth.