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Perkie's Observations: Heather Crashes Franco's Opening on General Hospital

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Franco doesn’t want to attend the art show because Carly will be there with Derek.  Diane reminds him that he needs the money and needs to focus on that.  Franco points out that he’s not the one that painted the works, but Diane only cares about selling them.

Ava announces to Carly and Sam that Derek is her silent partner and Morgan was simply dropping off some documents for her, which is why he was in Derek’s room.

Sam realizes that Derek was the one who decided the proceeds of the show would go to leukemia research and thanks him.  Later, she asks Derek for help in collecting data in case Danny should get sick again.  Derek gladly agrees to have tests done.

Morgan gets to the gallery and when Ava kisses him, Carly attacks her, but the women are pulled off each other.  Carly calls Ava a cradle robbing whore. Ava swears Carly won’t keep her and Morgan apart.

Scotty tells Lazaro that he has a recording and will go to the press unless the DA pulls out of the race.

Sonny thanks Kiki for telling him about her mother.  Kiki begs him not to kill Ava, but Sonny says Ava isn’t the one that he’s after.  Max calls Shawn and tells him to take care of Julian outside the gallery.

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TJ worries that something will happen to Shawn and says he’s not ok with Shawn’s job with Sonny.  Shawn assures him that he’s not being reckless and promises to continue to be there for TJ.

Olivia tells Sonny that she ran into Morgan, but Lazaro interrupts and tells Sonny that Scott has a recording of their discussion.  Lazaro accuses Sonny of wearing a wire and setting him up, but Sonny says he doesn’t do that.  Lazaro says Sonny has now lost his connection to city hall.

Heather tells Sebastian that she wants to, buy the remaining paintings that haven’t been sold yet.

Scotty’s thrilled that he ousted Lazaro and won the election.  Lucy wonders if the gift came with strings attached and is concerned who Scott is getting involved with.

Morgan is not happy to see Kiki and Michael at the gallery.  Kiki warns him about her mother and mentions the connections to the original Jeromes.  Morgan says he can handle himself and that they both betrayed him, so why should he believe them.  Kiki says Ava has lied, but Ava says she isn’t a criminal like Sonny.

Franco arrives at the gallery.  Carly praises him for his comeback and that he has a gift.

Olivia tells Sonny that Morgan was talking to Scotty and told her it was too late to change anything.  She wonders if Morgan could have done something.  Sonny remembers that Morgan had been in his office and checks the clock and finds the bug.

Sebastian tells everyone that he has a buyer lined up, but that the woman wants Franco to tell everyone the meaning of each piece.  Franco tries to make up something, about the first painting, with Diane’s help.  Heather interrupts and says Franco lied to her and took credit for her genius.