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Perkie's Observations: Carly Reaches Out to a Devastated Franco on General Hospital

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Silas tries to comfort Sam, who was freaked out by Heather’s presence at the art show. She explains how Heather destroyed her family and she worries about Danny constantly. Silas assures her Heather is back in custody and Danny is fine. Sam says she’s grateful to both him and Derek and the two kiss.

Sonny shows Morgan the bug he found under the clock and demands to know why his son stabbed him in the back. Morgan admits he did it. Michael is shocked; he thinks Ava was behind it. Michael  says Ava is using Morgan to betray their father. Sonny demands to know if Ava put him up to it. 

Morgan says he wanted to do it — he chose Ava over his father. Michael demands Morgan show Sonny respect. He brings up his little brother's gambling fiasco and points to Ava orchestrating his debt. 


Sonny says Morgan owes him an explanation. It broke his heart to find the bug. Morgan says Sonny broke his heart first and storms out.  Michael promises to find him and make him understand the wrong he’s done. 

Carly lets herself into Franco’s room; she's worried about him.  Franco complains he has crazy genes, which explains his past.  Carly assures him none of this is his fault. Franco yells at her to leave and go back to Derek. 

Carly doesn’t leave. She admits she isn't involved with Derek.  Franco confirms he isn't with Diane either. He couldn’t tell Carly the truth about Heather. Carly complains again about Diane, but Franco says he was making her jealous. Carly is the only woman for him. 

Franco says his artistic ability is gone. He believed he would lose Carly if she knew the truth. Carly promises he’ll get his talent back. 

Franco recalls his obsession with Jason. He was consumed with his "twin" because of their connection, but there was no connection. Franco says he has nothing to offer her, but Carly says she can be his friend. Franco doesn’t want her friendship or her pity. The two kiss. 

Kiki accuses her mother of using Morgan. She storms out to find the boys. Sonny points out Ava is not the brains of the operation and asks Derek how long he was planning on hiding in plain sight. 

Alexis wonders what Derek has to do with any of this. With Sam present, Derek admits  Ava is his sister and he's Julian Jerome.  Sonny explains how Julian became Derek and accuses Julian of turning his son against him. 

Sam is shocked to hear Derek is her father. Silas points out how Julian was a perfect match for Danny. 

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Julian swears to both Sam and Alexis he had no idea he was Sam's father, until he held Danny and just knew. Julian says he couldn’t say anything. He swears he loves both Sam and Danny and wishes he could claim them as family, but can’t. 

Michael catches up with Morgan on the docks and accuses him of putting Sonny’s life in danger.  Morgan, livid with Sonny for chosing Michael over him, feels his father deserves everything he gets. Michael tries to explain Sonny was off his meds the night of the engagement, but Morgan doesn’t want to hear it. 

Morgan accuses Michael of stealing his wife. Michael says Kiki didn’t love him and wonders why she would. Morgan punches Michael who refuses to hit back until Morgan hits him again. 

Michael says he’s always tried to protect Morgan and that his actions have consequences.  Michael says he’ll never forgive Morgan if something happens to Sonny and is about to hit him again when Kiki interrupts.  Morgan hits Michael, who falls into the water. 

Sam wonders why Julian can’t have a relationship. Julian says his time is limited — Sonny has men outside the gallery ready to kill him.