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Perkie's Observations: Franco and Carly Have Sex on General Hospital!

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Sam demands to know if Sonny plans on having Julian killed. Sonny is angry Julian used Morgan against him. Sonny says he’s only trying to protect his family.  Sam says she may need Julian’s help again, if Danny relapses.  Ava points out killing Julian could end up killing Danny as well.  She wonders how Sonny would feel about risking Jason’s son. 

 Michael falls in the water  after Morgan sucker punches him. Kiki screams at Morgan to help her get him out. Morgan refuses and walks away. Kiki jumps in.

Carly and Franco kiss, but she stops it. Carly admits she has feelings for him, but needs to fight them. Franco wonders what’s stopping her. Carly says it’s because of what he did to Joss and Michael. 

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Franco swears he never meant for Michael to get hurt and asks what he can do to prove he’s a changed man.  Carly worries who he was before the tumor will return. She wants to take a leap of faith, but can’t. 

TJ worries about Shawn and his job protecting Sonny. Molly assures him Shawn can handle himself. TJ says Shawn is all he has. Molly points out he has her as well. 

Max has been told to keep Olivia away from the gallery, and she’s angry about it. Max understands she and Sonny care about each other. Olivia says Sonny’s been through so much, but wonders if their chance has passed. 

Sonny accuses Julian of using Danny as an insurance policy, saying he won’t bank his marrow in advance because he needs the leverage. Julian points out to everyone Sonny is threatening him. Sonny angrily storms off. 

While waiting to take out Julian, Shawn comes across Carlos. He claims to be gallery security. Carlos warns him to leave. Sonny tells Shawn everything is off. Shawn prepares to leave, but not before calling Carlos a dead man walking. 

Sam questions if Julian was telling the truth when he told her he would bank the marrow. Julian swears he would do anything to protect Danny, but he needs to be alive to do it.  He points out Sonny will kill him if he banks the marrow in advance. 

Silas accuses Julian of provoking Sonny and using Danny as leverage. Sam says there’s nothing worst than watching while your child wastes away. 

Alexis is angry with Julian for going after Sonny. She points out he can take Sonny apart if he wants and Sonny can’t get back at him, because of Danny. 

Julian reminds her Sonny is a gangster too. Alexis says she’ll do anything to protect her family and snarks about Carly. Julian says he never wanted Carly. They kiss. 

Carly and Franco arrive at the pier as Kiki struggles in the water. They fish her out and Franco jumps back in to save Michael. Carly does CPR on her son.  She wonders why he was in the water in the first place.  Michael lies, saying he dropped his phone and went in after it.  Carly wants him to get checked out, but Michael refuses medical treatment.  Kiki promises to look after him.

Kiki wonders why Michael didn’t tell his mother the truth about Morgan. Michael is still hoping to save him from the Jeromes. 

Sonny gets home and relieves Max. He tells Olivia that Julian is still alive. Morgan admitted he planted the bug and chose the Jeromes. Sonny is upset he’s lost his son. Olivia asks how she can help him.  Sonny asks her to be with him. They kiss and make love. 

Sam worries that Danny is now caught in a mob war and doesn’t know how to protect him.  She believes Julian cares, but knows he’s using Danny as a shield.  Silas says it’s hard to wash your hands of family.  The two start to kiss but Danny cries so Silas leaves. 

Ava finds Morgan on the docks and comforts him. 

Carly returns to Franco’s room to return his jacket.  She says he saved Michael’s life and now wants to take that leap with him.  The two kiss and make love.