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Perkie's Observations: Maxie's Past Sins Come Out in Court on General Hospital

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Alexis stops by Julian’s. She's upset he’s proudly outted himself in his own newspaper. Julian teases she’s really there about the kiss and maybe wants more, which causes Alexis to slap him. 

Julian claims he’s a changed man; he runs a legitimate business.  Alexis tells him to stay away from Sam and Danny. She doesn’t want them involved in a mob war.  Julian swears he’d never hurt either of them.  Alexis says he’s using them as insurance and angrily storms off. 

Olivia and Sonny wake up together. He wants to discuss what happened between them. Olivia says he was upset and she’s glad she was there for him. It doesn’t have to mean anything. Sonny says it does mean something, since she’s never turned her back on him. 

After their night together, Franco wonders if Carly has any regrets. Does she want to run back to Derek? 

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Carly swears she only wants Franco and wonders why he’s trying to push her away. Franco reminds her everyone will tell her to dump him. Carly isn't concerned with what people will think. Franco is scared he’ll lose her, but Carly promises she’s with him. 

Lulu’s thrilled to have Luke and Tracy back in town. She asks about a cure and Luke says he found something. Tracy wants to know about the baby. Lante explain about the custody fight and ask if they can baby-sit. racy and Luke agree, but admit they’ll need to take the baby to the hospital with them. 

Ellie’s thrilled she and Spinelli are back together and hopes Diane can help him get his daughter back. Spin admits Diane suggested he marry Maxie to give them an advantage with the judge, but that he declined her advice. 

Felicia sits with Maxie, as she waits for the court proceeding to start.  Maxie hopes the judge will see her as a fit mother, but wonders what she’ll do if she loses.  Felicia promises to be there for her. 

Flowers are delivered for Carly, while she's in the shower. Franco opens the box and sees they are dead.  The card is from Heather Hebber, warning Carly to stay away from her son.  When Carly sees the dead roses, Franco lies and says they were from him. The florist made a mistake. 

Ellie runs into Luke and Tracy at the hospital and wonders why they have Spin’s baby. Tracy says Maxie lied and  Ellie helped cover things ups. Ellie apologizes again. They ask her to test Luke’s blood. 

Julian summons Scotty to discuss his victory. Scotty says he knows the Lazaro recording came from him and wonders what Julian wants in return.

Julian claims he’s a legitimate businessman and then brings up Lucy and her involvement with his father. He holds Scotty's ex responsible for Victor Jerome's death, but cryptically claims it’s all in the past. 

Alexis questions Lulu about her intentions.  Lulu is adamant  they do everything in order to keep the baby.  Alexis claims Maxie is unfit to be a parent and calls Liz to the stand.  Liz testifies about Maxie having an affair with Lucky, stealing drugs, faking a pregnancy and miscarriage.

Alexis again wonders how far Lulu is willing to take this. Lulu tells her to continue.  Alexis calls Maxie to the stand.  Maxie tells the judge she regrets what she did to Lucky and Liz,  but she isn't the same person.  Alexis accuses her of being a murderer.