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Prospect Park Amends Disney Soap Lawsuit to The Tune of More Than $95 Million

Still waiting for someone at Prospect Park to confirm they aren't bringing back All My Children? Sorry, we'll have to take the word of cast and crew members on social media, because PP was too busy amending their lawsuit against Disney-ABC on Wednesday to clue in their loyal audience.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, PP now wants more than $95 million from Disney-ABC, whom they allege schemed to create a "mega-soap" behind the backs of the peeps who licensed One Life to Live and All My Children. So the same company that wanted out of soaps so badly they cancelled two at the same time—with initial plans of gutting General Hospital shortly thereafter—all of the sudden wanted a "mega-soap" on the dial?

There's no denying Disney-ABC cancelled those soaps, and for that, soap fans have every right to be pissed. However, let's get real. TV networks cancel programming all the time. ABC shouldn't forever be cast as the villain in Prospect Park's real-life soap opera, just because this production company couldn't figure out how to successfully launch AMC and OLTL online — not once, but twice.

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