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Perkie's Observations: Brad Gives Felix His Big Gift on General Hospital

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Britt catches Dr. Obrecht coming out of the secret passageway at Wyndemere and is curious. Dr. O claims she and Faison were walking through the tunnels for nostalgic reasons.  Britt doesn’t believe her mother. 

Robin is still upset she can’t speak with her family, despite being so close to them. Nik assures her she’ll be home soon. She feels the cure has been in Luke’s system long enough now and wants a sample. Nik tells her Luke has a doctor’s appointment. They need Britt and Brad’s help. 

Maxie is shocked by Alexis’s claim she's a murderer. Alexis explains it was her fault Robin died. The judge asks the extent of Maxie’s responsibility and Maxie explains what happened the night the lab exploded. Felicia exclaims it was an accident. Dante wants Lulu to tell Alexis to back down. 

Diane has Maxie explain it was an accident, not murder. Maxie is shocked Lulu will do anything to win. She asks Lulu why she would use Robin’s death against her. 

Brad gives Felix a framed photo of them from the Halloween party. Felix seems to soften towards Brad, but the mood is interrupted by Ellie.  Brad is angry with Ellie, who reminds him he made her work rather than letting her go to the custody hearing. 

Sabrina has a flower girl dress for Emma. Patrick tells his daughter the the wedding is next week.  Emma reminds them of the woman at the Halloween party and how nice she was. She wonders if she can be invited to the wedding. Felix arrives with a handful of dresses for Sabrina to try on. 

None of the dresses are right. Emma shows Sabrina the photo of Robin in her wedding dress. Sabrina says that dress is being kept for Emma to wear. Sabrina always wanted to wear her own mother’s dress, but her father got rid of it.  Emma and Sabrina bond over losing their mothers. 

Tracy and Luke run into Patrick and tell him they need to know if Luke is cured. Patrick is surprised they found a cure. They try to explain about the miracle doctor, without giving too much away. Patrick agrees to check if the results are ready, intrigued by this mystery doctor. 

Nik asks Britt’s help in dealing with Brad to get Luke’s sample.  Dr. Obrecht taunts Robin with the thought of Patrick choosing Sabrina in the end. Britt calls the lab and Brad tells her Luke’s sample is there. Robin says she needs to go to the lab to use the equipment to process the sample. 

Dr. Obrecht warns her not to talk to anyone. Robin understands the consequences if she does. Brad gives Ellie the go ahead to leave, so he can give the sample to Nikolas and a disguised Robin.  Nik tells Brad to leave and let Robin work alone. Brad gets a call from Felix and heads out. Patrick heads to the lab.

Lulu accuses Maxie of letting them fall in love with the baby, only to take her away.  She says Maxie is incapable of empathy. She never takes the heat for her actions. Lulu wonders if Maxie would end up hurting Connie. 

Alexis tells Lulu she’ll put her on the stand. Maxie tells Diane to after Lulu as hard as she can. Alexis asks Lulu about the lab accident and Lulu says Maxie was careless and has a lot of accidents. Lulu brings up the miscarriage and how Maxie killed their baby and wonders what will happen if Maxie is careless with Connie. 

Diane accuses Lulu of being a murderer. 

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