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The Young and the Restless SHOCKER: "Josh Williams" and "Andrew Abbott" Are Smokescreens For a Possible Billy Abbott RECAST!


What do you do when you have an amazingly popular, Daytime Emmy winner currently salvaging a maudlin, depressing storyline? You threaten to recast during contract negotiations, if you're The Young and the Restless!

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I'm hearing the casting breakdowns for characters "Josh Williams" and "Andrew Abbott" are really smokescreens for a possible Billy Abbott recast. Sources have revealed Billy Miller is once again in intense contract talks and The Young and the Restless is already testing potential recasts opposite Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman).

Surely someone at Sony TV and/or CBS Daytime realizes what a game-changing talent Miller is for this industry? If not, then I bet a rival soap will snap him up like yesterday!