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Best Man Holiday Starring Guiding Light Alums Stuns Hollywood With $30 Million Opening Weekend

Once again Hollyweird is scratching its collective head over how an urban (translation: black) film could "over perform" to the tune of a $30.6 million opening weekend at the box office. The Best Man Holiday didn't over perform, as much as it was underestimated — just like Think Like a Man and at least half a dozen rom-coms starring predominantly black casts before it in recent years.

Taye Diggs

The sudsy sequel to Malcolm D. Lee's 1999's sleeper hit The Best Man, reunited the original cast for another game of friends, lovers and rivals. This time around, novelist Harper (Guiding Light alum Taye Diggs) finds himself contending with writers' block, a precariously pregnant wife (Sanaa Latham's Robyn) and a stalled career. When he and Robyn are invited to the sprawling, Gatsby-esque estate of his former best friend, New York Giants' runningback Lance (Morris Chestnut) and Lance's near-angelic wife Mia (Diary of Single Mom's Monica Calhoun), Lance sees it as an opportunity to turn his fortunes around.

Also on board for the holiday weekend are Harper and Lance's boys, struggling private school owner Julian (Harold Perrineau) and Quentin (scene stealer Terrence Howard), the sex-crazed former screw up of the group, who now owns a thriving brand management company. A scandal involving Julian's wife, former stripper Candance (Loving's Regina Hall), provides quite the interesting subplot, as does the return of selfish, shallow Shelby (Valley of The Dolls: The TV Series' Melissa De Sousa), now one of the Real Housewives of Westchester County, who shares a past with both Julian and Quentin.

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The reunion fans of the first flick waited almost 15 years to see, happened when Harper and the driven sistah who got away, Jordan (Guiding Light's Nia Long), once again connected. Only this time, Jordan wasn't sitting around pining for Harper, the MSNBC executive has leaned in with a ballin' white dude played by The Young and the Restless' and Sunset Beach grad Eddie Cibrian. A potential love triangle featuring three sexy daytime soap alums? We coulda told 'em this would be a hit.

Did you see The Best Man Holiday during its opening weekend? If so, what did you think? Sound off in the comments!

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