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Perkie's Observations: Diane Hits Back at Lulu in Court on General Hospital!

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Diane claims Lulu has killed twice and mentions Logan. Lulu counters it was self defense and she had no other choice. Diane says the second murder was when she got rid of her unborn child. 

Alexis tries to object.  Lulu says she was a teenager and getting an abortion was the right choice to make, but she’s ready to be a mother now. 

 Diane asks if Lulu was making plans to flee the country with the baby.  Lulu remembers the conversation, but denies it on the stand, saying Maxie lied. 

Britt catches her mother going into the catacombs with a tray of food and questions her.  Dr. Obrecht claims she’s bringing it to Faison and warns Britt not to go down into the tunnels. They’re dangerous. 

Sabrina tells Carlos she’s getting married next week. She’s angry about him working for Julian. Carlos swears he didn’t know Derek was really Julian. His duties for the boss are legitimate. Sabrina doesn't buy it. Carlos says he’s not giving up on Sabrina. She says she’s found the right guy in Patrick. 

Britt tells Nikolas about her mother going into the tunnels. Something is going on. Nik worries he can’t leave her alone with her parents and thinks he should channel his inner Cassadine darkness. 

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Britt feels he would never resort to murder. Nik would do what it takes to protect his family and loved ones.  Nik admits he’s come to care about her and the two kiss. 

Robin hides under the desk, as Patrick searches the lab for Luke’s test results. Sabrina joins him and Robin is forced to stay hidden and listen.

Sabrina tells Patrick about her visit from Carlos. Patrick is angry and doesn’t want Carlos near Emma, especially if he’s working for the mob.  Sabrina asks him to have Anna put a scare into Carlos. 

Robert and Anna continue to try to find ways to get out of their locked cell.  They manage to recreate the guard’s thumbprint and the door is unlocked. 

Duke wants his captors to let him go, but Dr. Obrecht wants to kill him.  Duke claims Faison wants him alive to get to Anna and blackmail her.

Dr. Obrecht is angry she believed Faison had given up his obsession of Anna. Duke tells Dr. Obrecht to turn Faison in and cut a deal for herself.  Faison and Dr. Obrecht fight over a knife. 

Spinelli worries there’s no way back to their friendship with Lante. Maxie swears to her parents Lulu told her she would leave with the baby.  Dante asks why Lulu would lie on the stand.

Lulu says she’s doing what it takes to keep the baby. There’s no proof she lied. It's Maxie's word against Lulu's.

Diane calls Dante to the stand. She asks if Lulu was telling the truth during her testimony.

Carlos heads off to the lab, only to find Robin instead of Sabrina.