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Is Steve Burton Being Flown in To Do The Young and the Restless, Or Isn't He?

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There have been tons of discussions online about whether former General Hospital superstar Steve Burton is being flown in for his current gig on The Young and the Restless. Monday night when Daytime Confidential's Jamey Giddens tweeted about Burton's alleged perk—amid news Billy Miller was out reportedly due to not being able to reach an agreement with Sony TV on his contractual outs—CBS Daytime's boss Angelica McDaniel denied her network was flying him in on Twitter.


However, in a recent radio interview with former TV brother Sean Kanan, Burton stated repeatedly Sony and Y&R showrunner Jill Farren Phelps did offer to fly him in to do the soap. He also stated he had a "fly-in deal" when Farren Phelps was at General Hospital and that talks at GH had never gotten to the point of flying the actor in before he opted to leave the ABC soap.

Later in the interview, Burton revealed Sony asked what it would take to get him — asking if wanted to be flown in.  Even later in the conversation, Burton stated Sony said, "Sure we'll fly you in."

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CBS Daytime maintains he isn't being flown in. Burton said during a radio interview he is. What's the real story?  Check out an excerpt of Kanan and Burton's conversation on Kanan's Rules below!

Sean Kanan: There are a lot of people curious about the circumstances of your departure. If you want to get into it and talk about it, they’d love to hear it. If you don’t…

Steve Burton: Well —

Kanan: I will move on.

Burton:  Here’s the deal, it was about a year ago I left, and you know,  I guess it was almost a situation where it was the boy who cried wolf. I was talking about moving to Tennessee for years. And It came a time where I put my house on the market. I literally had 60 days to let them know if I was staying or going and my house closed about three days before I had to give my notice. And I gave my notice, I sold my house and I don’t really think they thought I was leaving. Because I had talked about leaving for so long and not leaving and I sold my house and I thought that was a pretty good indication I was serious. And you know talks just never really got underway for flying in. You know, I had a fly-in deal when Jill was there, that we never executed, and after not a lot of response, from their side, I just said ok cool —

Kanan: You pulled the trigger and made a decision?

Burton: Yeah I’m outta here. I was moving anyway, I wanted to stay and I got to Nashville. And about two-and-a-half to three-months later, The Young and the Restless called, cause Jill’s [Farren Phelps] over there and she said, “You wanna fly in?” And I said, “Yeah, I’d love to".

Kanan:  Tell the truth, were you getting bored? Were you getting restless?

Burton: [Laughs] You know I can’t —

Kanan:Young and Restless..

Burton: [Laughs] I was getting restless. If I’m home for two weeks on the porch, I’m starting another business.  So —

Michele Kanan: What’s that like?

Burton: We were in talks with Sony at the time for a novela with James Franco. I was working with him on some stuff, and it was really Sony —

Kanan: ‘Cause James Franco really needs another job. Right?

Burton: I know, he has like 27,000 jobs. So it was really Sony, the executives over there who said, “What would it take for Steve to come back or does he want to fly in. What’s the deal?” And my manager said, “Yeah he’d love to come in kinda part time and if that works for… I wasn’t here to hold anyone over the barrel, cause I was ready to leave and —

Kanan: Walk away

Burton: Walk away anyways.

Kanan: Which is the best position to be in.

Burton:  You put the shackles away like Sean Kanan told me.

M. Kanan: [Laughs].

Sean: [Laughs].

Burton:  If you have the power to say, “Hey I’m leaving” then that’s the best negotiating power you can have and Y&R said, “Sure we’ll fly you in”. I was hurt, I was sad for a long time.