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Perkie's Observations: Dante Admits Lulu Lied Under Oath on General Hospital

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Diane questions Dante about Lulu’s testimony. He admits his wife lied. They had talked about taking the baby and running, but decided it was a bad idea. Dante apologizes to Lulu, who’s furious with Dante. 

Spinelli testifies Lulu is his friend and he's deeply sorry things have come to this. He wishes he could spare her pain and understands she loves the baby. However, he wants to raise his daughter. 

Faison and Dr. Obrecht fight. He subdues and ties her up beside Duke. Duke accuses Faison of being obsessed with Anna. Faison says he’ll never stop until he has her. After Faison leaves, Dr. O complains about Anna and lets it slip that Jerry is holding her captive. Duke tells Dr. O again she should turn against Faison and cut a deal.  

Anna and Robert make their way out of the cell and knock out two of Jerry’s guards, before being confronted by Jerry. Jerry tells them if they kill him, they’ll kill Duke and shows them a photo of a tied up Duke. Robert quickly gets tired of Jerry and shoots him in the leg. 

Patrick gives Luke the good news. There is no trace of the poisoning in his system. Luke needs to talk to Anna, but Patrick says no one has heard from Anna since she and Robert left the clinic to track Faison.

Tracy explains about Jerry being alive and working with Dr. Obrecht. Patrick wonders if Dr. O was the one with the cure, but Luke says it was someone else. 

Carlos runs into Robin and feels she looks familiar but can’t place her. She introduces herself as Epiphany and knows he’s Sabrina’s ex. Robin tells him not to give up on Sabrina just yet.  

As Carlos leaves the lab, he sees a photo of Epiphany and realizes Robin is not her. He then remembers seeing the Drake wedding photo and realizes who she is. 

Britt is surprised by the kiss, saying she didn’t see this coming between them. Nik says it’s been building for awhile — there is something between them.

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Britt admits she’s done bad things and doesn’t care what others think. She cares for Nik and is scared to lose him as a friend. The two kiss again.

Diane states the baby does not belong to Lulu and Dante. She’s Maxie and Spinelli’s. Alexis counters Maxie perpetrated a fraud and is unfit to raise the baby. She points out  Lante paid all of Maxie’s medical expenses and the baby belongs to them. 

Faison catches Britt and Nik kissing and is dismissive of Nikolas. Britt says he’s a good man and doesn’t care what her father thinks. She wonders where her mother is, but Faison says there are a lot of tunnels and she could simply be exploring. 

 Jerry tells Robert about Robin being with Duke. He can help them get to her. 

Robin realizes she can synthesize Luke’s blood sample and heads back to Wyndemere.  She tells Nikolas it will take 48 hours to reproduce. She simply needs to stay hidden until then. 

Carlos heads back to the lab, but runs into Sabrina. He tells her Robin is alive.

Lante and Spixie prepare themselves when the judge has a verdict in the custody battle.

Patrick feels the police need to know about Jerry. Tracy warns they aren’t dealing with ordinary criminals. Patrick tells them Duke went to Wyndemere to talk to Nik and hasn’t been heard from since. Luke decides to head to Wyndemere.