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Perkie's Observations: The Judge Hands Down a Shocking Verdict on General Hospital!

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The judge denies Lante’s petition of custody for baby Connie.  Lulu argues, and begs the judge not to take the baby away before running out.  Dante heads out after her.  Maxie is thrilled, and asks when she can take the baby home.  The judge informs Maxie she won’t raise baby Connie either.

Robin hides in the tunnels, as Luke barges in at Wyndemere. He tells Nikolas what’s happening on Cassadine Island, and feels they have to go and find the Scorpios.  Nik tells him to stay out of it, and Luke declares he’ll go on his own.  Robin comes out of hiding

Felix accepts Brad’s invitation for a date, but as Brad walks away, Patrick warns Felix that Brad can't be trusted.  Felix promises he’s not giving Brad a pass on anything, but believes Brad is trying to be better. He stresses Brad only had an agreement with Britt about the baby.  They begin talking about the wedding, and Patrick complains about Carlos’ presence.  Felix wonders about Patrick’s feelings for Sabrina, and Patrick promises he’ll make her happy. 

Carlos tells Sabrina that Robin is alive, and he saw her in the lab.  Sabrina doesn’t believe him, and thinks he saw someone else.  Brad arrives, and Sabrina asks who was working in the lab.  Brad wonders where “she” is, and Carlos says Robin was there.  Brad claims Ellie was the one in the lab, and Sabrina decides Ellie must be whom Carlos saw.  Carlos warns if she goes through with the wedding, it will be for nothing.    

Olivia and Tracy sit with the baby, while waiting for word from the courthouse.  Tracy remembers she and Connie were becoming friends, and feels partly responsible for her death.  Olivia knows AJ is the only one at fault.  Lulu arrives, and claims she and Dante won the case. She wants to leave with the baby right away. 

Dante arrives, and tells Olivia and Tracy they didn’t win. He informs them Lulu was going to run off with the baby.  Dante tells Lulu he can’t let her take the baby.  She fires back they will lose the baby, and she can’t do that.  Dante stresses to Lulu they need to accept they’ve lost the baby. 

The judge admonishes Maxie, and states it’s in the best interest of the child that she be nowhere near Maxie.  Maxie wants to know what will happen with the baby.  The judge declares he’s giving custody to Spinelli, who was innocent in all of this.  Spinelli speaks up for Maxie, and asks about visitation.  The judge denies visitation for 6 months, at which point he will revisit the issue. 

Luke is thrilled to see Robin is alive.  Robin explains she was the doctor that saved his life, and Nikolas found her by accident.  Robin tells him Jerry will kill her parents, if they don’t do as they are told.  Luke feels her parents need to know she’s alive, and explains how Robert nearly killed himself when he saw her dead body at the morgue. 

Robin doesn’t believe it, but Luke recounts the moment he had to lie to Robert to get him to calm down. Nik explains Jerry will kill the Scorpios, but Luke knows they need to do something.  Robin tells him about his blood, and how the serum will be ready in 48 hours. She believes they can trade it for her parents.  Luke thinks they should give the cure to Sean Donnelly and let Jerry die instead. However, Nik reminds him Jerry will kill Anna and Robert if he doesn't get the cure.  Robin tells Luke again no one else can know she’s alive. 

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