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Perkie's Observations: Will Scott's Video Send AJ to Pentonville on General Hospital?

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Scotty announces he has security footage of what happened the night of Connie's murder. Diane is angry she was not aware of the footage and was told it was lost.

Olivia testifies the office was flooded and some tapes were lost.The judge wants to see the footage without the jury present. Olivia wants to leave, but Sonny needs to see the tape to know what happened. Diane warns AJ to keep it together, no matter what the tape shows. 

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Liz is upset she had to testify against AJ.  Patrick assures her she did what was asked of her. He asks where she and AJ stand. Liz says they are over and doomed from the start. 

Patrick asks Liz to be his best man, since she’s always been there for him. Liz agrees, then says she needs to throw him a bachelor party. The two make plans to go out.

Sabrina tells Felix about Carlos saying Robin was alive.  Felix thinks Carlos saw Robin’s spirit, since the lab is where she died. Sabrina is certain  it’s simply Carlos meddling. Sabrina asks Felix if he’ll be her person of honor. Felix agrees. 

Ava finds an upset Carlos on the pier. He tells her Sabrina is getting married the next day, but he saw Robin alive. 

Ava thinks it’s Carlos’ mind playing tricks on him, since he’s upset Sabrina has moved on. Carlos disagrees. Sabrina needs to know the truth, but she refuses to believe him. 

Ava tells him to bypass Sabrina and tell Patrick that Robin is alive. She offers to be the one to tell Patrick. 

Carlos thinks no one will believe it until they see Robin with their own eyes, but thanks Ava for the offer. He decides he needs to accept Sabrina has moved on. 

Nikolas spots Sabrina’s wedding invitation. Robin admits she swiped it from Ellie at the lab. She explains how she was forced to hide and listen to Sabrina and Patrick's lovey dovey talk. Nik is glad they didn’t see her. Robin admits Carlos did, but doesn’t think he’ll figure it out. 

Robin is upset about Sabrina in Patrick and Emma’s lives, even though she told him to move on. Robin realizes her life will not return to the way it was, because Patrick has feelings for Sabrina. 

Nikolas says the cure for Jerry will be ready in 24 hours. He promises she’ll get Patrick and Emma back. 

The court watches as the tape shows a drunken AJ stumble into the MetroCourt, get on the elevator, press the button for Connie’s floor and pull out a gun. Scotty feels the jury needs to see it.  Diane counters the footage is incomplete and doesn’t show AJ leave the elevator, much less kill Connie. 

The judge agrees and bars the tape from the trial.  AJ decides based on the tape, he must have done killed Connie after all. 

Ava disposes of the MetroCourt security tapes.