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SPOILERS: Will Nikki's Secret Child Destroy Her Family on The Young and the Restless?

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Nikki/Dylan/Avery/Nick/Victor/Victoria: The socialite finally decides to gather Victor, Victoria and Nick for dinner at the GCAC to reveal everything about Dylan. As Nikki tries to tell her family the truth, the man of the hour walks in with Avery!

Nikki tries to convince her family to go to the ranch to discuss what she has to say in private, but you know Victor and Nick... They ain't leaving just because Dylan rolled in!

When Nick and Dylan start to rumble, will Mama Newman finally blurt out that she birthed the war vet?

Dylan/Avery: He's stunned by the retcon in his origin story. If his parents weren't the wonderful people he grew up believing them to be, then who is he? Don't expect him to take it too kindly that Avery was in on Nikki's secret.

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