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Perkie's Observations: Robert Finds Robin on General Hospital!

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Robert arrives at Luke’s door with Anna and an injured Jerry.  Luke explains that he’s cured and Jerry is happy he’ll be getting his dose.  Anna tells Luke that Robin is alive. Luke tells her that he’s seen Robin at Wyndemere.  Luke figures Jerry no longer has leverage on them, but Anna says Duke is captured and Faison will kill him if Jerry doesn’t contact him.  The three decide to head to Wyndemere and leave Jerry tied to the bed.

Britt worries about her mother’s whereabouts, yet doesn’t understand why she should care.  Nik understands, saying his father and grandmother were crazy, but their deaths left a void.  He promises to find Dr. O.

Faison and Robin argue about her parents and how Anna will never love him.  Faison pulls a gun, but Robin continues to tell him how he’ll never have Anna.  Faison claims she’s more trouble than she’s worth and grabs her. However, Nik arrives with his own gun and orders Faison to stand down or he’ll shoot him.

Faison is quick to claim Nik is overreacting.  Britt asks about her mother, something Faison is not interested in discussing.  Robin decides she’s going to the hospital to get the cure, but Faison stops her.  He decides Britt should go.

Dr. Obrecht complains, until Duke gets tired of listening.  He decides they should try to help each other remove their ropes.  He feels they should set their hatred aside, something Liesl isn’t in a hurry to do.  She believes Duke will double cross her and turn her over to the WSB.

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Felix brings over a dress for Sabrina, who pretends to like it.  A hung over Liz drops by Patrick’s, until Felix calls her for help.  Liz promises to try and fix the dress and calls someone.

Mac and Patrick have a heartfelt talk about how Robin would want him to be happy and that Patrick’s been a part of Mac’s family and he thinks of him as a son.

Nik decides to check the tunnels for Dr. O, but Faison wants Robin to stay behind.  Robin agrees, knowing Faison can’t hurt her because only she can check to make sure the cure will work and administer it.  Faison gets tired of Robin’s talk about her parents saving her and locks her in her room.

Nik finds Duke and Dr. Obrecht and starts to untie Dr. O’s hands, only to be knocked out by Faison, who refuses to help Dr. O and drags Nik away.  Dr Obrecht unties her hands but picks up Nik’s gun.

Robert, Anna and Luke arrive at Wyndemere.  Luke searches the grounds and comes across Faison.

Anna heads down the tunnels and comes across Dr. Obrecht holding a gun on Duke.

Robert searches the upstairs and breaks down Robin’s door, finding Robin.