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Perkie's Observations: The Mother of All Reunions Finally Happens on General Hospital!

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Robert and Robin hug.  Robert apologizes for failing her, by allowing himself to get stuck by Dr. O’s needle. Robin says he saved her life. The needle was meant for her and would have killed her. Robin tells him she saw Patrick and Emma. She’s worried about Faison and his obsession with Anna.


Luke demands to know where Robin and Duke are, but Faison plays coy. Luke complains about Faison’s role in Lucky’s kidnapping, though Faison puts the blame on Helena. Faison taunts Luke about shooting him, so Luke does, only to find out Faison was wearing a vest. Faison gets the best of Luke.

Dr. Obrecht decides she’s going to kill Duke in front of Anna. She feels Faison only sees Anna, no matter what Liesl does for him.  Anna says she despises Faison, but wants Dr. O to leave Duke alone and kill her instead.  Anna puts her gun down, but Liesl doesn’t trust her.

Dr. Obrecht decides she won’t shoot Anna, because Faison would never forgive her. She sets her sights on Duke again, only to have him catch her off guard and get the best of her. Duke and Anna reunite and she tells him Robin is alive and on Spoon Island. Duke stands guard over Dr. O and sends Anna to find Robin. 

Brad catches Britt in the lab getting Luke’s sample. Britt complains he was supposed to keep an eye on Nik’s scientist. Brad questions who the woman was. Brad tells her he thinks it was Robin — based on what Carlos told him.  Brad demands to know the truth, or he’ll reveal he isn't Ben’s father. 

Patrick isn't happy to see Ava at his door. She tells him he shouldn’t be going through with the wedding, because his wife is alive. Patrick accuses Ava of being the one who called him pretending to be Robin. Ava tells him Carlos saw Robin at the lab. Patrick doesn’t believe Robin would be in the lab if she were alive and not with him and Emma. Ava thinks there’s a small part of Patrick that believes his wife is alive. She encourages him to learn the truth. 

Sabrina is thrilled to have Juan at her door. Her cousin reveals he brought her mother’s wedding dress. Sabrina always dreamed of getting married in the dress and feels she’ll have a part of her mother at her wedding.  Liz and Juan make small talk before he leaves. He tells her he married a girl named Becky. Sabrina thanks Felix and Liz for being friends and feels the best is yet to come. 

Robert stops Faison from shooting Luke and ties him up.  Anna comes out of tunnels and is reunited with Robin. 

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