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Perkie's Observations: The Scorpios Are Reunited And it Feels So Good on General Hospital!

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Robert happily watches as Anna and Robin share a tearful reunion. Anna swears she’ll never lose her daughter again. Robin is the greatest gift Anna's ever received. She praises Robert for his heroism. Robert tells his daughter how brave her mother is. Duke comes out of the tunnels and he and Robin share their own reunion.

Brad reminds Britt he isn't Ben’s father and questions why she named him. The baby looks nothing like him and never will, since he's Asian. Britt says she needed to tell Patrick something and figured Brad would go along with it.

Brad complains Felix thinks he’s a deadbeat dad. He needs to redeem himself and wants to spill about Robin if she’s alive.  Britt says she can’t discuss anything, especially about Robin.

Maxie asks Ellie about the baby.  Ellie assures her she’s being well cared for. Sam is helping out. Maxie wonders why she invested in this lie and is upset she can’t be with her baby.

Spin thanks Sam for helping with the baby. t isn’t fair to keep Maxie away. 

Sam tells him Julian has been trying to visit Danny. She knows she has to deal with him. Silas arrives to take Sam to the wedding.

Patrick tells Liz what Ava shared about Carlos seeing Robin in the lab. Liz figures it’s Carlos’ way to torture him. Ava is a liar. 

Patrick wonders if he should go to the lab and see for himself. Liz doesn’t want him to undermine his happiness, in order to chase a ghost.

Felix finishes the changes to Sabrina’s dress. They then discuss her having something old, new, borrowed and blue. Sabrina doesn’t have anything blue, a bad omen according to Emma. 

Felix calls Ellie to ask about a blue bracelet. Ellie tells him she never got an invitation to the wedding, which confuses Sabrina.  Spin convinces Ellie to go to the wedding.

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Anna explains she didn’t want to tell anyone about the rumors Robin was alive, until they found her. Robin can now go home to Patrick and Emma.  Robin shows her the wedding invitation.

Anna and Robert head off to look for Nikolas, while Duke and Robin continue to catch up. Duke sees the invitation and tells Robin to call Patrick and tell him she’s alive.

Felicia and Mac stops by Maxie’s, in hopes of convincing her to attend the wedding. Maxie’s happy for Patrick, but would wish she had her baby there with her.

Maxie is upset she’s messed up things so much. Felicia says it would mean a lot to Patrick. Maxie doesn't have anything to wear. Mac says he has a dress for her.

Liz tells Epiphany what happened with Patrick. Pif is angry someone would say they saw Robin in the lab. Liz feels Patrick needs the peace of mind.

Patrick stops by the lab and shows Brad a picture of Robin. He asks if he’s seen her. 

Brad hedges. Britt wonders why Patrick would be questioning this on his wedding day. If he’s having second thoughts, he should call it off, Britt insists. Sabrina would understand. Patrick decides he’s going through with the wedding.

Sabrina questions if Carlos was telling the truth. Did he really see Robin in the lab? Felix assures her Robin is dead.

Maxie shows up at Spinelli’s.

Robin leaves a voice message for Patrick. Robert and Anna claim there is no sign of Nikolas, Faison or Luke.