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Perkie's Observations: Will Robin Stop Patrick From Marrying Sabrina on General Hospital?

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Anna tells Robin to get to the wedding, but Robin’s still worried about finding Nikolas.  Britt arrives with the sample and is told that Faison has Nik.  Anna and Robert head off to find Nikolas.  Britt tells Robin to go to Patrick, but Robin feels she owes Nikolas. Britt thinks Patrick may have taken her advice and tells Robin that he showed up at the lab looking for her. 

Luke forces Faison to show him where he’s got Nik stashed, only to have Faison’s men turn on him.  Faison decides he’s going to keep one of them as a hostage and get rid of the other.  He decides to flip a coin. 

Maxie wants to see her daughter despite Spinellie’s claims that she can’t be near her.  Maxie claims the courts can’t keep her away and that she has a gift for her daughter.  Spin says the judge will take the baby away from both of them and Maxie will go to jail.   Maxie says she doesn’t want to wait six months, that she’ll miss out on all of the baby’s firsts.  Spin warns that he’ll have to call the police and forces Maxie to leave. 

Bobbie lets herself into Luke’s room and finds Jerry handcuffed to the bed.  Jerry explains about the poison and that Luke stole his cure.  He asks her to go down to the lab to get the new one.  Bobbie doesn’t find the cure in the lab.  Jerry convinces her to let him go to save himself.

Lucy tells Sabrina that she can’t marry her because she doesn’t believe in marriage, since her marriage is over.  Lucy says she and Kevin argued and she walked out. 

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Sam and Silas arrive for the wedding, as does Brad, who tells Liz that Felix invited him.  Patrick thanks Epiphany for everything she did for him after Robin died.  Pif says she’s happy for him. 

Patrick asks to speak to Sabrina and tells her what Ava told him. He admits he went to the lab. Sabrina apologizes for not telling him what Carlos told her.  Patrick says he’s closed the door to his old life and is ready to start new with her. 

Lucy decides she will officiate.  Liz gets a text from Noah that he won’t be able to make it after all.  Felix offers to walk Sabrina down the aisle. 

Anna and Robert devise a plan to save Nik and Luke.  Anna tells Faison that Dr. Obrecht escaped after killing Robert, Duke and Robin and that Anna no longer has anything to live for.  She wants to give herself to Faison in exchange for Luke and Nik’s release.  Faison refuses, so Anna pretends she’ll shoot herself and overtakes Faison, while Robert shoots the guards. 

Robin and Britt are thrilled to see Nik back safely.  Britt gives Luke the serum and he decides he’s going to give it to Sean.  Luke gets a call from Bobbie, but it turns out Jerry has her. 

Robert’s ready to hand Faison over to the WSB.  Anna decides that Faison shouldn’t go to prison this time, that he needs to die. 

Robin arrives to the church and watches as Sabrina and Patrick get ready to say their vows.