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DAYS' Galen Gering on Rate: "They Don't Have a Committed Relationship"

Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering) slipping his physical therapist the tongue next week on Days of Our Lives will likely have Rate fans fit to be tied on social media. According to Gering, if Kate (Lauren Koslow) likes it—and doesn't want Rafe bussing Jordan (Chrishell Stause)—she better put a ring on it! Here's what the hunky actor said about the plot twist in the Dec. 9 issue of Soap Opera Digest:


"Rafe and Kate have a great thing going," states Gering. "They enjoy each other's company. She's been very supportive of him. But at this point, they don't have a committed relationship."

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I guess Kate's been too busy dragging bodies to the river (so Rafe's kid sister won't spend the rest of her life in prison!) to DTR (Define The Relationship). What are your thoughts on Rafe and Jordan reaching the kissing point? Sound off in the comments!