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SPOILERS: Will Billy's Grief Bring an End to His Marriage on The Young and the Restless?

Billy/Victoria: The aftermath of Delia's death continues to strain the Abbott marriage. Victoria volunteers to attend the support group with Billy, but he tells her he’d rather go solo. Billy isn’t trying to keep Victoria at bay; he’s just so torn up about his baby girl’s death. Victoria turns to Jill for advice. Her mom-in-law tells her not to give up on her son. Will Victoria be able to wait? What about Kelly? Look for Billy to become even closer with his grief buddy. 


Jill/Hilary: The veteran vixen has no choice but to work with the schemer-in-training.

Michael/Lauren: The Baldwins mark their wedding anniversary.

Stitch/Ashley: The cosmetics queen gets her banged up leg checked out by the hunky medic. Will sparks fly?

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