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Perkie's Observations: "Mommy" is The Greatest Word in The English Language on General Hospital

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Robin watches, unseen, as the wedding goes on. Lucy mentions those who are no longer with us. Sabrina says her vows, She longed for her happy ending and has found it.  Patrick vows are he didn’t see her, even though she was right in front of him and. She gave him his life back.

Anna decides Faison needs to die for everything he’s done to her family and for what he may still do. Robert tries to convince her otherwise, but Anna feels it’s the only way to protect Robin and Emma.

Robert questions whether she’ll be able to live with her decision. Anna wonders if he’ll be able to live with it, if they don’t. Anna tells Robert to leave, but he decides he’ll do it with her. Afterwards, Robert says they did the right thing and the two share a hug.

Britt cleans Nik’s wounds. She's glad everything is over and wants to get back to work. She’s grateful Nikolas took her in and risked his life to help her. They kiss.

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They talk about Ben. Nik complains about Brad’s lack of interest in his son. Britt admits Brad isn’t the father. She backtracks when Nik questions her. Brad was simply the donor and nothing more.

Nik backs off. He tells Britt she means a lot to him and he doesn’t want things to change between them. He asks her to spend the night with him.

Jerry tells Luke he knows he has the cure. He wants it in exchange for Bobbie.

Carly is shocked when Jerry drags Bobbie to the MetroCourt restaurant to meet Luke. Jerry tells his ex-sister-in-law Luke has what he wants.

When Luke arrives, Carly demands he give Jerry what he wants in exchange for her mother. Luke holds the serum over the edge and tells Jerry to let Bobbie go, or he’ll drop it.

Sabrina and Patrick exchange rings. The two, along with Emma, light a candle, while Epiphany sings. They say their “I do’s”, although Patrick hesitates. As Lucy is about to pronounce them husband and wife, a distraught Robin turns to leave and Emma spots her.

Emma calls out to her mother and runs down the aisle.