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Stars Preview Upcoming Season of The Bay

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Emmy-nominated web series The Bay returns January 5. Following the elite denizens of Bay City, The Bay tells the story of socialite Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) and her son Peter (Kristos Andrews). The soap also explores the various sordid affairs and blackmail schemes the Garretts and their acquaintances get mixed up in. 

In anticipation of the premiere, the cast teased what’s ahead. 

While Tristan Rogers, who plays police commissioner Lex Martin, said he would like to eventually see a Lex/Sara pairing, it’s not in his character’s immediate future. 

Lex hasn’t changed much – he's involved with some family stuff, but he’s mostly concentrating on the police department and police matters. 

 The “It Boy” of Bay City, Peter, will have his memories back. Portrayer Kristos Andrews is pleased his character no longer suffers from amnesia. 

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Thank God I can finally say Pete’s got most of his memory together, which allows more clarity for his thoughts.  Playing hopelessly confused doesn't always work out. If there are too many feelings to convey at once, they can get lost in translation.  Pete isn't fully grounded, but he is more mature and independent. Still, he manages to get himself into some scandalous situations.

Matthew Ashford thinks a makeover of sorts is on the way for the nefarious Steve Jensen. At least, that’s what Steve might want the rest of the residents to think, for now. 

[Steve’s] moved from being this total outsider, to being an upstanding citizen.  He’s contributing to the community and providing services.  I guess you could say he’s found his niche.

Jacklyn Zeman’s Southern charmer, Sofia Madison, still has her eyes on the mayor of Bay City.  She’ll do anything to keep him happy — and at home with her. 

Sofia may turn on her southern charm to keep her husband and her marriage happy, but she is no fool. She is a strong, smart woman who will fight for her man and will fight to keep her man.  It was exciting to receive a pilot script with more scenes and more story.  I just adore playing Sofia. It's interesting to portray a woman who is enamored with the life she has as the Mayor's wife and all the benefits that entails.  She will do whatever it takes to succeed and is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, but she’s also such a girly glamour puss. 

For more spoilers from the stars themselves, visit the official website.