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Check Out Trailer For Crystal Chappell's New Political Soap Beacon Hill! (VIDEO)

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Crystal Chappell doesn't know the meaning of the phrase "slow down". The ever-talented actress and producer has created what is certain to be another soapy, addictive and just plain sexy web series titled, Beacon Hill.

The series is based in the political arena and stars several daytime soap veterans. Alicia Minshew, Sarah Brown, Ricky Paull Goldin,Tina Sloan, Louise Sorel, Ron Raines, Melissa Archer, John-Paul Lavoisier, Scott Bryce, Jessica Morris, Rebecca Mozo and Chappell herself round out this stellar cast. Check out a synopsis and the trailer for Beacon Hill after the jump!

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Beacon Hill features the story of Sara Preston (Alicia Minshew) and her unexpected return home to Boston, Massachusetts. Her grandfather, Senior Mass. Senator William Preston (Ron Raines) has just suffered a stroke.

Sara learns her grandfather now has a new wife, Evelyn Preston (Melissa Archer), who is around Sara's age. Sara's mother, Claire Preston (Crystal Chappell), is now a drunk and her brother Eric (John-Paul Lavoisier) cares for her while, maintaining a corporate career.

To top it all off, Sara's ex, State Representative Katherine Wesley (Sarah Brown), is the running to be a Senatorial candidate! The two haven't seen each other in six years, and time doesn't always heal all wounds. Will they be able to somehow reconnect?

Watch the trailer for Beacon Hill below!