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Perkie's Observations: General Hospital's Julian Jerome, "Who The Hell is Lucas?"

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A confused Patrick tries to talk to Sabrina, who’s certain they’re finished. Patrick says he never meant to hurt her, but Sabrina questions if they’d be together if Robin hadn’t left. She takes off her rings and tells him to take them and let her go. Patrick refuses and says he still loves her.


Patrick feels what they had was real. This doesn’t change how he feels about Sabrina. He swears she was never a replacement. He loves her. 

Sabrina tells him he can love them both, but can’t have them both. Patrick needs to choose.

Patrick wants time to figure things out. While he’s sorry Sabrina is hurting, he isn't sorry Robin is alive. Sabrina tells him to go to Robin. 

Liz is thrilled to see Robin. She tells her friend how much she’s missed her.

Robin thanks Epiphany for taking care of Patrick. She checks in with Sam and gives her condolences about Jason. She swears Faison can’t hurt them anymore, as Anna looks on. 

Anna asks about Patrick. Robin says she sent him to talk to Sabrina. 

Anna points out Robin’s life won’t be the same. The dream that kept her alive is gone.

Emma wonders when Robin will have to go back to heaven. Felicia, Mac and Anna explain her mother isn't going back to heaven. Anna says someone played a nasty trick on them. Emma wonders if this means her father isn’t marrying Sabrina.   

Carly tells Bobbie that Jerry is gone. She thinks Ava helped him. 

Carly tells her mother Julian is alive. Bobbie is shocked, but declares Tony was always Lucas’ father. She worries Julian will find out he has a son.  

Sonny wonders if Duke would be willing to take him out. Duke wants to, but he promised Anna he'd stay clear of Julian.

Sonny asks who’s next in line. Duke tells him about Carlos.

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Sonny reacts to the last name "Rivera". He knew people by that name from Puerto Rico. He needs to check it out before making a move.

Sonny wants Duke to work for him. Duke doesn’t want to have issues with Anna. Sonny says Anna doesn’t have to know. Together they can neutralize Julian. 

Carlos complains to Julian about Sabrina marrying Patrick, despite the fact he saw Robin alive.Julian points out once the truth comes out, Sabrina will need his shoulder to cry on. 

Sam is happy for Robin, but wonders what would happen if Jason returned. Silas jokes there are a lot of returns from the dead in this town. 

The two run into Julian, who tries to make nice. Sam isn't having it. She's furious Julian started a mob war with Sonny.

Julian claims Sonny came after him. He wants a chance to get to know his daughter and grandson.

Silas calls Julian out for hiding behind Same and Danny. Carlos comes  to Julian's defense.

Sam wants nothing to do with Julian, and neither does Lucas. Julian is confused. "Who the hell is Lucas?"

Lucy apologizes to Robin for not being around the last few years. Robin thanks her for the Nurse’s Ball. They discuss Sabrina's role in bringing the HIV/AIDS fundraiser back to life.

Liz promises Robin she did her best to keep her memory alive for Emma. Robin’s  sad Emma introduced Sabrina as her new mommy at the Halloween party. It hurts her that Patrick moved on.

Felix reassures Sabrina. She’ll get through this. Sabrina wonders if she’s supposed to wait. 

Felix wants her to start by taking off the dress. Sabrina takes off and runs crying into Carlos’ arms on the docks. 

Patrick returns to Robin. He wants to do the right thing, but doesn’t know what that is. 

He wants Robin to come home with him, but she says no. She can’t pretend Sabrina isn’t a part of his life.

Anna offers to have both Robin and Emma stay with her until things get settled. Patrick and Robin confess their love for one another, as she leaves with her mom.