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Perkie's Observations: Will Carlos Mend Sabrina's Broken Heart on General Hospital?

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Robin and Anna discuss what happened at the wedding. It wasn't the reunion Robin expected. Anna again tells her to let go of the fantasy.

Anna understands her daughter wants things back to normal, but everyone’s lives didn’t stop while she was gone. Robin realizes Patrick and Emma moved on with their lives. She tells Anna about the DVD of the Nurses' Ball Jerry showed her.

Anna explains how difficult Robin’s death was for Patrick. Sabrina helped put him back together, but she isn't Robin. Anna is certain Patrick will find his way back to Robin. 

A hungover Sabrina wakes up in Carlos’ bed. He explains she got drunk and needed a place to stay. Nothing happened between them. Sabrina says she’s paying the price for not believing him about Robin being alive. 

Mac shows up at Maxie’s apartment. He desperately wants to tell her about Robin. Ellie tells him about Maxie trying to see the baby.

Mac isn't happy with how Spin handled the situation. Ellie reminds him Spin would lose custody if Maxie were caught near Connie. Mac explains Robin is back, which is why he’s looking for Maxie. 

Maxie is at Georgie’s graveside, explaining how she’s messed up everything. She simply can’t follow the judge’s order to stay away from her baby. She pulls out a bottle of pills, admitting there’s no point in being alive, if she can't be with her daughter. 

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The ghost of Georgie appears to Maxie. She tells her sister killing herself will only hurt the people she loves, especially her daughter. 

Maxie needs to atone for Robin's death. Georgie tells her she isn’t responsible for Robin's death — their cousin is alive!

Maxie is no longer listening to, or seeing Georgie. She takes out her suicide note and prepares to take the pills. 

Sonny tells Shawn about Lily and a possible connection to Carlos. Sonny doesn’t want to move on Carlos until he knows for sure he isn't related to Lily. If Carlos isn't part of the same Rivera family Lily hailed from, he's a dead man. 

Felix tells Patrick about Sabrina being missing. He thinks Patrick should be the one to find her. 

Felix finally gets a hold of Sabrina. He's shocked to hear she spent the night with Carlos! 

Felix tells his BFF Patrick is worried about her. Sabrina is touched. She begs him not to tell Patrick where she is. Later, Patrick manages to get the info from Felix. 

Robin and Anna continue to catch up. Robin’s upset Faison killed Jason. Anna tells her about Edward refusing the last antidote during the water crisis, and giving it to Emma.

Robin says she feels like an interloper in her own life. She's upset Patrick didn’t end things with Sabrina immediately.

Anna points out he wouldn’t be the man she loves, if he could be so callous. Robin wonders if she’s Patrick past and Sabrina his future. 

Robin wants some time alone to clear her head. She thanks her mother for rescuing her and being her hero.   

Robin ends up at the cemetery, and spots her own marker. She feels Ghost Georgie’s hand on her shoulder and wonders who is there. A few moments later, she finds Maxie at Georgie's grave with a bottle of pills! 

Sabrina thanks Carlos for his help, but needs to find Patrick. Carlos thinks Patrick needed the time to find a way to break up with her. Patrick will hurt Sabrina again.  Carlos says he loves her, but Sabrina claims she doesn’t return his feelings.  Patrick arrives as Carlos pulls Sabrina into a kiss.