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Scandal Recap: "YOLO"

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This week's episode of Scandal featured crazy twists setting the stage for next week’s epic winter finale. There was torture, multiple relationships imploding and someone didn’t make it through alive.

Olivia Realized Her Mom Was a Terrorist

Olivia (Kerry Washington) and her team took her “back from the dead” mother to a safe house, until they could figure out a way to sneak her out of the country. 

Highlights included: Jake (Scott Foley) and Huck (Guillermo Díaz) grabbing Maya (Khandi Alexander) and cutting a tracking device out of her neck, Rowan’s (Joe Morton) office blowing up (he got away) and another Jake-Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) showdown. 

Maya told the group she’d planned to go public once she discovered her husband was a monster, so he had her locked up for decades. OPA needed to get a private plane, after Rowan sent out a file saying Maya was a terrorist named Marie and put her on the No-Fly List. 

After hugging her mother goodbye and watching her fly off, Olivia had a flashback. She remembered her mother’s friend calling to speak to “Marie,” but she’d thought it was a wrong number.  Olivia realized her mother really was the terrorist.  Now, OPA had to get her back.

Who didn't see this one coming from the beginning? Get it together, Liv! 


Quinn Got Turned…Again

Huck didn’t care what Quinn (Katie Lowes) had to say.  He tortured her.  Eventually Quinn convinced him she could be am asset. She agreed to secretly start working for OPA’s interests again, while pretending to be on B613’s side. 

Quinn later seduced Charlie (George Newbern). Their relationship may only be based on deception and espionage, but their chemistry is off the charts!

Charlie took Quinn to a meeting with Rowan. Huck had given her a syringe to kill the B613 leader.  Quinn was about to take her shot. 

James Asked For a Divorce

James (Dan Bucatinsky) was disgusted with his husband’s behavior and vice versa.  James kept messing with Cyrus’ (Jeff Perry) head about the affair, until Cyrus blew up.

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James said Cyrus ruined their marriage. Did Cyrus really think using his husband as whore bait for a closeted Daniel (Jack Coleman) would end well? #TeamJames 

Cyrus was outraged James actually slept with Daniel. James said he was taking their daughter and getting a divorce.

Cyrus said he wasn’t going anywhere; he had photos of the dalliance. Cyrus screamed to a horrified James he wouldn’t go through all of this and  then not get proof.  Wasn't buying James being so shocked by Cyrus documenting his tryst. How long has he been with this guy? James better than anyone knows how his husband operates.

Overall, the scene was fantastic. It was good to see James finally stand up for himself. Perry did a great job of making Cyrus seem truly broken up about his husband’s betrayal. You don’t often see any genuine humanity in Cyrus.

Cyrus Lost

Cyrus was devastated over his broken marriage.  After an awkward pep talk from Mellie (Bellamy Young), he decided to go through with the plan. 

He went to Sally (Kate Burton) and showed her the photos of their husbands. This was shortly after Sally resigned as Vice-President and told Fitz she was going to run against him.  She was upset, but told Cyrus he had failed. 

He could never release the photos without destroying both their families and causing a huge scandal for the Grant Administration. Cyrus knew it, and looked sick.  The president also blamed Cyrus for not neutralizing Sally.  


Sally Sinned

Later, Sally called Cyrus on the phone.  She looked shaken and told Cyrus, “I have commented a sin.” Heck yeah she did!  Sally killed her husband. He was lying bloody on the floor of her office. 

Other Thoughts and Tidbits:

*Harrison (Columbus Short) found out Adnan Salif was back in the country and seemed scared.

*If Maya was a super spy, shouldn’t she have known there was a tracking device in her, and not have led the B613 team to the first safe house?

*How fantastic was Mellie’s befuddled reaction to Cyrus breaking down in tears?   

*Mellie’s red suit looked identical to last week’s, and there’s no excuse.  Who else needs FLOTUS to have a shopping trip?

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