SPOILERS: Can Paul and Cricket Save Michael and Fen on The Young and the Restless?

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Paul/Cricket: The Genoa City Justice League will soon happen upon key evidence in Carmine's murder mystery. Good thing they'll have something else to focus on, rather than Paul's bond with Nikki!


Nikki/Sharon: Could the ex in-laws soon find themselves bonding?

Jack/Nick: The powerhouse patriarchs come to blows over Summer's upcoming birthday party.

Adam/Chelsea: Genoa City's outcasts share a romantic evening together.

Neil: He has something special for Leslie.

Victoria/Billy/Kelly: Victoria becomes wary of Billy's grief buddy. Does she have a reason to be worried?

Devon: Bad juju comes his way. Will the billionaire realize he's being grifted?

Jill/Esther: The two face off over Katherine's music box.