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Perkie's Observations: Will Ellie and Spinelli LEAVE Port Charles With Maxie's Baby on General Hospital?

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Maxie warns Robin to stay away, thinking Georgie sent her. Maxie swears no ghost will tell her what to do. Robin slaps Maxie, who realizes Robin is alive.  


Maxie is shocked to learn Robin was held hostage and is thankful she wasn’t to blame for the explosion. Robin asks if Maxie came to the cemetery to take the pills. 

Maxie tells her cousin she’s messed up everything for Lante, Spinelli and the baby. She can’t see her daughter for six months. Robin reminds her she didn’t see Emma for two years and managed to survive. 

Robin tells Maxie about stopping the wedding. She isn’t sure Patrick wants to reunite their family, since he may be starting a new one with Sabrina.

Maxie instructs Robin to fight for Patrick. Robin agrees and makes Maxie promise not to take the pills. 

Patrick breaks up Sabrina and Carlos’ kiss. He accuses the mobster of taking advantage. 

Sabrina says nothing happened with Carlos. The kiss meant nothing.

Carlos accuses Patrick of leaving Sabrina stranded at the altar. He wonders who Patrick has chosen. 

Sabrina says she understands if Patrick hasn’t processed things, but she agrees with Carlos. She deserves an answer.

Patrick says he needs time and apologizes for hurting her. He asks her to go home with him. Carlos claims Sabrina is the consolation prize. Sabrina storms off on her own, just before Patrick punches Carlos.

Franco tells Carly his father wants nothing to do with him. Carly is sure Scotty will come around. She explains her own complicated relationship with her late father, Durant.

The two kiss and make love. Afterwards, Carly wonders if Franco has heard from Heather. He denies any communication. Carly is happy Heather is locked up. 

Franco gets a call from a disguised Heather — pretending to the dean from PCU. The "dean" wants to interview Franco for a teaching position.

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Carly is thrilled for him. After he leaves, Heather lets herself into the room, wielding her big knife. 

Ellie tells Spin about Robin being alive. He’s thrilled mostly for Maxie’s sake.

Spin says he feels guilty for keeping the baby from Maxie. Ellie says she’s received a job offer, but plans on turning it down to stay with Spin and the baby. The job is in Portland. 

Spin offers to move to Portland with Ellie and the baby. Maxie arrives, just as Ellie is pondering how her roommate will react to the news. 

Ava runs into Sonny at the courthouse. He accuses her of turning Morgan against him and vows payback.

Ava says he can’t come after her. It would hurt Kiki. Sonny figures Kiki doesn’t care about her mother.

Ava tells Sonny she’s there to testify against AJ, like she promised him she would. There is no reason for them to be enemies. 

Ava is called to the stand. She testifies about running into AJ at the Floating Rib. He was raging against Connie. Ava has not doubt AJ killed Connie. Diane counters that Ava has no proof. 

Sonny warns Michael he needs to distance himself from AJ. AJ tells Michael to prepare himself for the verdict.

Scotty puts a ballistics expert on the stand. He testifies AJ’s prints are on the gun.

Diane decides not to call any witnesses. AJ jumps up demanding to take the stand.

Shawn tells Sonny that Carlos has no connection to Lily. Sonny orders the hit. 

Patrick issues a warning to Carlos. Meanwhile, Robin shows up at Sabrina's.

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