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Thorsten Kaye on All My Children Web Revival: "If They Couldn’t Do it Right They Should Have Left it Alone"

The Bold and the Beautiful's Thorsten Kaye isn't holding back about Prospect Park's efforts to continue All My Children. Kaye sat down with Tainted Dreams blogger and Soap Opera Digest columnist Carolyn Hinseyto dish taking over the role of Ridge on B&B. He also became very frank when discussing All My Children's second demise. 


Carolyn: Were you surprised that AMC fizzled out the way it did?

Thorsten: Yeah, I was. Because the studio was open and the sets were up. Everything was in place. I would have thought if they were going to pull the plug they would have done it before. I’m not a businessman. I’m sure there were a lot of things going on with investors. But I’ll tell you this: Both of those shows failed for reasons unrelated to their quality.

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Just how are Kaye's former AMC cast members doing? According to the actor:

Thorsten: I feel bad for Agnes. You know I love older women. I don’t mean that in a weird way, I mean women like Eileen Herlie [Myrtle, AMC], Dorothy Bridges, and Agnes Nixon. There’s a line from Cyrano de Bergerac which is one of my favorite plays. Roxane finds out she has lost Christian, and later on Cyrano dies. She says, “I have loved one man all my life and now I’ve lost him twice.” That’s how people feel about AMC, especially Agnes. We all mourned the loss of the show, then it was “No it’s still alive!” and then five months later it’s the same s—again. It’s not fair. If they couldn’t do it right they should have left it alone. It’s a business to the people who make money, but for the people involved as artists – like Agnes – it’s the way their hearts work. And their hearts are broken.