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Perkie's Observations: Franco Turns Heather Webber Into a BLT Kabob on General Hospital

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Robin introduces herself to Sabrina and thanks her for taking care of Emma.  Sabrina assures her she wasn’t trying to take Robin’s place in Emma’s life. Robin understands Sabrina was keeping her memory alive and knows Sabrina has a place in Patrick’s life. She wants Sabrina’s help in getting Patrick back.

Robin feels Patrick is confused, but she’s back. He’s her husband and she wants Sabrina to let him go. 

Sabrina says it isn't just her decision; it’s Patrick’s. Robin insists Patrick doesn’t want to hurt her. She needs to make it easy for him. 

Robin wants Sabrina to tell Patrick he belongs with Robin and she won’t come between the Drakes. Thinking of Patrick and Emma is what kept Robin alive for two years.  She wants Sabrina to let her be with her family again.

Maxie tells Spinelli about Robin being alive but he already knows. She believes she can handle anything now and wonders what he and Ellie were discussing when she walked in.

Spinelli explains about the move, but assures her he’d never leave with the baby. Maxie tells them Ellie should take the job and they should leave town with the baby. 

Maxie doesn't believe she will be able to stay away from her daughter if she's in Port Charles. She worries she'll end up messing up the court order and then both she and Spinelli would lose Connie.

Carlos isn’t concerned by Patrick’s threat. He wishes Sabrina had been there to see him act so violently. 

Carlos vows he’ll be there for Sabrina when Patrick hurts her. After Patrick leaves, Sonny and Shawn arrive.

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AJ feels the need to testify. Diane advises him against it, saying she can no longer represent him if he does. AJ fires her and defends himself. 

AJ testifies he’s always been a failure, but he was determined to be a better man by rebuilding his life and his family's company. He'd finally fixed things when the newspaper article messed everything up again. He blamed Connie. 

AJ says he got drunk and blacked out. He remembers getting the gun and being at Connie’s but doesn’t remember pulling the trigger. He thinks someone else may have.  AJ hopes he’s not the kind of man who would kill a defenseless woman.

Michael is proud of AJ, saying it took guts. AJ is sure things will be okay, since he has Michael on his side. Scotty says the jury has reached a verdict.

Heather prepares to kill Carly in the shower, but Franco returns and stops her. Heather feels she’s protecting him from Carly. Franco reminds his mother he vowed not to let her hurt Carly. 

Franco stabs Heather with the knife.  Heather says she forgives and loves him, before losing consciousness.

Franco realizes Carly can’t know what happened. He wraps up Heather’s body and drags her away.

Epiphany wonders which wife Patrick went home with. He admits he was alone.

Patrick loves Robin, but he built something special with Sabrina. He loves them both.    

Sonny and Shawn drag Carlos to the cemetery. He tells them to kill him. Sonny wants him to dig his own grave first.

Franco manages to stuff Heather’s body in a laundry cart, but runs into Diane.  He tells her he has a job as the housekeeper and leaves with the body. Carly calls wondering where he is.