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Perkie's Observations: Robin Puts Sabrina on Notice on General Hospital

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Franco has a nightmare, and Carly thinks she knows what it’s about.  She believes he’s worried she’ll run from him, but she's staying put. Franco denies Carly's claim, and tells her that his job interview went poorly. In reality, Franco wanted to spill his guts about killing Heather and hiding her body. Carly wonders if Franco can work for her, and design something in her lobby. 

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Lucy is shocked to wake up in Scotty’s bed, and wonders why she cheated on Kevin.  Scotty reminds Lucy she said her marriage was over, and she’s better off without Kevin.  Lucy wonders what Scotty would want from her, and he admits he wants to be her guy.  Scotty confesses Laura was a mistake, and Lucy has always been on his side.  Lucy agrees Scotty has been there for her too. 

Nikolas receives a gift addressed to PK Sinclair.  Britt says that’s one of her father’s names. The gift is a painting from Heather.  Liz arrives with Ben and Spencer, because Lesley wasn’t able to bring them. 

Liz wonders why Britt is still living with Nikolas. Nik says Britt is free to stay as long as she wants.  Liz complains about Britt’s behavior towards Emma, but Nik points out they’ve all done bad things.  Britt overhears, as Nik recounts to Liz how he's gotten to know Britt. He feels she's changed.  He confirms to Liz that he and Britt are a couple.  Liz warns him Britt will hurt him, because she’s not ready to change.  After Liz leaves, Britt is happy Nik said they’re together.  The two kiss. 

Anna and Robert discuss Faison, and how no one, especially Duke, can find out what happened.  Robert agrees the truth will never come out, and Anna swears she’ll take it to her grave. 

Sabrina tells Felix she’s giving up Patrick, and explains Robin asked her to do it.  She feels they are a family, and she should step aside. However, Felix doesn’t agree.  Felix believes Patrick loves her and is his own man.  He advises Sabina not to let Robin push her around. 

Robin promises Emma they’ll be family.  Emma wonders about Sabrina, as Patrick arrives.  Robin asks Patrick if he has spoken to Sabrina, and figured out what to do yet.  Patrick feels the situation is complicated. While he understands Robin wants her family back, he moved on during her absence. 

Kevin looks for Lucy and runs into Duke.  Duke tells him Lucy has been with Scotty lately, and thinks he should check his room.   Kevin knocks on Scotty’s door, and scares Lucy. 

Lucy hides, as Scott speaks to Kevin. Kevin tells Scott he’s looking for Lucy, because he wants to save his marriage.  Scott thinks their marriage is over, but Kevin swears he still loves Lucy and wants her back.  After Kevin leaves, Lucy decides she needs to make up with him. 

Emma wonders when things are going back to normal. She wants to be a family with both Sabrina and Robin.  Patrick informs his daughter that isn’t possible, because he has to choose one or the other. 

Duke runs into Robert, and is angry with him for not telling him the truth about Julian.  Robert admits he kept Julian out of Port Charles, until the coma put him out of commission. Robert feels Duke needs to take responsibility for his own part in the Jerome Family.  Anna mentions Duke has stepped away from that life for good, as Duke remembers his recent deal with Sonny. 

Robin visits Sabrina, and asks why she hasn’t spoken with Patrick yet.  Sabrina confesses she’s changed her mind, and knows Patrick loves them both.  She feels it needs to be Patrick’s decision.  Robin thinks Sabrina knows Patrick loves her more, and warns things will end badly for her. 

Franco finds Kevin and declares he needs the shrink’s help.